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One the earliest Game Boy games, and guess who shows up in it. Yep, it's Mario. However, this game is themed around Mario to some degree. Aside from appearing at the beginning of the game (and on the box cover), each bonus round has bricks shaped like Mario characters.
It's Mario
-It's Mario again


When you select your pitcher, the first name available for the Bears is Mario. If you pick Mario, the Eagles will pick Luigi. Mario is also on the game's cover.
Mario and Luigi

Donkey Kong Land 2

Like DKC2, there are DK Hero coins scattered throughout the game, one in each level. If you collect a certain number, you'll outrank a Nintendo mascot, and again like DKC2, Mario and Yoshi appear in the top two spots. However, Link is nowhere to be found (the third slot is occupied by Diddy, even if you collect very few coins).
Mario and Yoshi

F-1 Race

All of Nintendo's old-school mascots cameo in this game, similar to the NES version of Tetris. After you beat a course in first place, you'll drive past a Nintendo character who will wave as you go by. Toad appears before course two, Luigi before three, Peach before four, Link before five, Mario before six, Samus before seven, Pit before eight, DK before nine, and Bowser during the endgame victory lap.

Game & Watch Gallery

The first game in the Game & Watch Gallery trilogy began a new trend. Though the old handheld games were rereleased in their entirety, new versions were also included which featured Mario-related characters. Manhole, for example, replaces Mr. Game & Watch with Yoshi, who has to use his own nose and tongue to keep Toads, DKjrs, and Marios from falling through the manholes.
Fire puts Mario and Luigi in the hero role, where they must save Toads, Yoshis, and DKjrs as they jump from the burning building. Princess Peach also lends a hand when you need a miss retracted.
The third game, Octopus, features Mario trying to gather gold as Peach stays above in the boat.
Oil Panic gives Mario two buckets, with which he must collect oil that Bowser pours through the ceiling above his head. In order to dispose of the oil, Mario must feed it to Yoshi who waits below. But if he misses, he will spill the oil on Luigi and DKjr.
Title Screen
-Manhole (2)
-Oil Panic

Game & Watch Gallery 2

Like Game & Watch Gallery, this sequel features Mario characters in the roles of classic Game & Watches. In the first game, Parachute, Mario controls a boat and must rescue Toads, Yoshis, and Donkey Kong Jr.s as they fall from a flying ship above.
In Helmet, Mario must move from one building to another while a Parakoopa drops hammers and mines from above.
For the first time in a Game & Watch Gallery, Peach is playable in the role of Chef. She must bounce food that is thrown to her by the Mario brothers, until it is cooked enough for Yoshi to eat.
In Vermin, Yoshi must protect a nest of eggs from approaching shyguys and parakoopas. When one approaches, Yoshi bashes them with a mallet.
Donkey Kong is faithful to the original. Mario must reach the top of the level to free Peach from DK.
Collecting enough stars unlocks the first Game & Watch game, ball. There are several modern variations of the game to unlock. The first one features Yoshi, who has to bounce eggs. Another stars Mario. Wario and Bowser are also available.
Title Screen
-Donkey Kong
-Ball (Yoshi)
-Ball (Mario)

Game & Watch Gallery 3

Coming Soon...

Game Boy Camera

A bunch of Nintendo characters pop up in this cool, yet strange accessory. First, a dancing Mario, or someone in a Mario costume, appears on the title screen.

In the gallery mode, there is a stamp option, which provides a bunch of decals to put on your pictures before printing them out. One of the stamp sheets features Pokemon characters, including Charmander, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Squirtle, Meowth, and Mew. Another one has Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Toad, Lakitu, and a Mario nose and mustache. Interestingly, this game was released in August '98, making it (technically) the first game in the U.S. to feature Pokemon.

One of the minigames available from the beginning of the game is a version of the first Game & Watch, Ball. As an interesting touch, Mr. G&W's head is replaced by a "game face", which players can snap pictures of and then use in the game (no, that's not a NASHW staff member, just the default face).

In Album B, there are a number of special stamps which you can earn by doing different things, many of which feature Nintendo characters. They are as follows: stamp 16 (Blastoise, Venusaur, Charizard, and Mewtwo), 17 (Wario), 18 (arcade-era Mario), 19 (Luigi and Peach), 23 (Game & Watch sprites), 24 (small Wario), 25 (Mario, Yoshi, and Baby Mario), 27 (Boo) 28 (Toad), 29 (arcade-era Mario and DKjr), 30 (wing-cap Mario).

Game Boy Gallery

This little-known precursor to the Game & Watch Gallery series featured five re-released Game & Watch titles: Ball, Vermin, Flagman, Manhole, and Cement Factory. Cement Factory is a new version of the originally titled Mario's Cement Factory, though for what is probably the first time in gaming history, any direct reference to Mario has been removed from the game which he originally starred in. The gameplay remains identical, however.
Cement Factory


Like the NES version of Golf, Mario is playable. However, this time it's a bit more obvious that it's him. Among other places, he appears during the mode select screen, where he and his caddy will say fight after you start a match. Later on, he appears throughout the gameplay screens.

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening/DX

Here's an original. Early in the game, right after Link finds his sword, he'll be able to go into the Trendy Game building. The trendy game is basically a crane game, except the items move around in a square. The only item that doesn't move is a Yoshi Doll. The Yoshi Doll is the first of a number of items that you must trade with in the game. If you give it to the woman with the little girl, she'll give you a Bow. Also, notice the comment that the game makes about Yoshi. Yoshi was at the height of his popularity when Link's Awakening was released, so this statement is very true.
It's Yoshi
-You got a Yoshi Doll! Recently,
-he seems to be showing up in
-many games

A number of Mario enemies appear in this game, mainly in the side-scrolling rooms of the dungeons, including Goombas, Pirhana Plants, Bloopers, Cheep-cheeps, Boos, and more. Also, a chain chomp appears in town.
Goomba and Pirhana Plant
-Bowbow the Chain Chomp

Mario Golf

The last course to unlock in this game is the Hyrule course, in reference to Zelda.

Mario's Picross

Though Yoshi has virtually nothing to do with this game, he makes two brief appearances on menu screens. One is in the game select screen, and the other is on the Easy Picross screen.
Game Select
-Easy Picross

Despite the game's title, there are very few Mario-related puzzles in this game. One exception is a puzzle that, when completed, takes the shape of a baby Yoshi. An adult Yoshi also appears on the select screen, and on the how to play menu.
Revealing Yoshi
-It's Yoshi!
-Mini Yoshi

Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

In Saffron City, there is a SNES in the house of the girl who repeats everyone. If you press A while next to it, a text box will pop up and say "A game with Mario wearing a bucket on his head." This is a reference to the Japanese game "Mario and Wario."


This is one of Mario's most unusual cameos yet. He appears in both the single and multi player modes. In multiplayer, he and Luigi appear in the standard 1-Player is Mario/2-Player is Luigi situation. In the single player mode, however, he makes several unusual appearances. If you get between 50,000 and 200,000 points, he will appear in a desert, wearing a sombrero and singing. Secondly, once you get 200,000-250,000 points, he will be in Africa, jumping up and down with an elephant in the background. Third in Spain wearing a matador costume and fighting a bull, if you break 250,000 points. And last in India, as a snake charmer, if you reach over 300,000 points.
Mexico ending
-Africa ending
-Spain ending
-India ending
-2 Player
-Mario wins

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

After beating the normal adventure mode, a Yoshi's Egg challenge is unlocked. Find all the eggs, and Yoshi will appear on the title screen (just like in Super Mario Advance). If you find just one Yoshi egg, a Yoshi area will open up in the toy box. This is a sort of roulette game, which you can use to find Yoshi eggs in different areas, depending on what combination of numbers you get (for instance, 1-1 will show you where the egg on level 1-1 is).

After rescuing Mushroom retainers from Bowser, you can find them in the Toad area of the toy box. The Toads will give you various banners and pictures to print on a Game Boy Printer. The Toads from worlds 4 and 5 have stickers that feature Yoshi on them.


Just like in the NES game of the same name, Mario is the ref. Along with the updated look, he has a few added frames of animation over the NES version.
Mario's the referee
-Ready to serve


Mario and Luigi make an appearance different from the one they made in the NES Tetris. In classic Nintendo fashion, they represent player one and player two in the two-player mode.
Mario vs. Luigi
-Mario's screen
-Luigi's screen
-Mario wins
-Luigi wins

Tetris Attack

The original Japanese release of this game (entitled Panel de Pon) was a girl-oriented game. Nintendo decided that this would not sell outside Japan, so they changed the character sprites into Yoshi characters (Yoshi's Island had just recently been released, and was still popular). A few other changes were also made, such as a few Yoshi musical tracks. Otherwise, the two games are virtually identical.

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

This is a major spoiler for those who haven't beaten Wario Land. If you want to beat it without knowing the ending, read no further. At the very end of the game, after beating Cap'n Syrup, her fortress will crumble to the ground and reveal a huge statue of Princess Toadstool. However, Mario will immediately fly in on with a helicopter, lift the statue into the air, and fly away with it.
Mario in a helicopter

Wario Land 2/Color

Remeniscent of "The Great Cave Offensive" in Kirby Super Star, there are 50 treasures to collect in WL2, which, when all are collected, will unlock the last level. And also like KSS, some of the treasures are references to other Nintendo games. Notice an Ocarina from Zelda (starting from the top and going down: sixth item in row three), a Yoshi Egg (second item in row five), and a Metroid (seventh item in the bottom row).
The Treasure screen

Along with the final level, collecting all the treasures helps unlock Flagman D.D., a version of the classic Game & Watch game Flagman which features Dangerous Duck. It costs coins to play, and quite a bit at that. But it's a neat addition.
Flagman D.D.

Wario Land 3

Like Wario Land 1 and 2, there are various treasures to collect throughout the game. One of these treasures is a Pocket Pikachu.
Pocket Pika


Just like the NES version, Mario is playable and appears through most of the game, but Yoshi gets all the credit.
-Bonus screen

Yoshi's Cookie

The Game Boy version of this game is a little different from the NES version. Once again, Mario appears throughout, but Yoshi also helps during gameplay, having a more equal role in the game than on the NES.
Title screen
-Select screen