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Earthbound 64
The highly anticipated and belated sequel to Earthbound is beginning to shape up. The story follows the adventure of Flint the cowboy, two children Klaus and Lucca, and Boney the dog. The game stands to be very different from the previous games in the Earthbound/Mother series (namely no mension of Ness and co). This game is one of the most impressively designed yet, and stands to rank with Zelda in that department. One thing brought over from the previous game will be the battle-style, in which you look from a first-person view, complete with the funky, colorful backgrounds. Newly incorporated into the battles is timed-music hits. Time your attack with certain points in the music and you'll get a more powerful hit. EB64 is one of the most anticipated titles in the late 2000 lineup and should show up later this year.