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Armos Knights

Mindless statues which inhabit much of Hyrule. These mysterious objects are usually employed to guard special treasures or dungeons, coming to life at the touch (Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening, Ocarina of Time). Although they usually act alone or in small groups, a team of six was discovered guarding the Eastern Palace (A Link to the Past).
Note: Although the Armos Knights usually appear only as minibosses or minor enemies in Zelda, they are included here due to their status as a boss in ALttP.


Huge jellyfish-like creature living in the Dark World. When Link reached it's lair, it summoned it's larvae for protection. Link had to defeat each larvae one by one before fighting the creature itself. Arrghus tried to fend Link off with it's tentacles, but Link bested him (A Link to the Past).


Ash starts out as a young boy in Pallet Town, who at ten years old, decides to become a Pokemon trainer. Ash is given a single Pokemon to start his journey, and then sets out to capture more Pokemon to defeat the 8 gym trainers and the elite four in order to become a Pokemon master. On the way, he helps out Bill, who got into an accident with an experimental machine. He rescues Mr. Fuji and the Owner of the Silph Tower. And he fights off the operations of Giovanni and Team Rocket (Pokemon Red, Blue). He also has frequent encounters with his nemeses, Jesse and James (Pokemon Yellow), and his rival Gary. All in all, Ash finally defeats the Elite Four, and as the official greatest master of Pokemon, is sent to capture Mewtwo (Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow).
Note: because Pokemon is unique with each play through, this is just a general description of the main character and does not go into detail. Although his default name is Ash in Pokemon Red and Yellow, the default names were swapped in Pokemon Blue, so that the character had the default names that Gary (the nemesis) had in the other two titles. In order of avoid confusion, the names used on the television show and in other media are being used here.

Axem Rangers

Created by Smithy, the Axem Rangers, along with Bowyer, Mack, and Yaridovich, were sent to secure the seven stars for him. As the seven stars fell to the Mushroom worlds, one landed in the Volcano. With a tip from King Nimbus, Mario and crew traveled to the volcano in search of the star. They battled through the elements of the treacherous volcano, even facing Bone Dragon, guardian of the volcano. But just as Mario came upon the sixth star, the Axem rangers appeared from nowhere and took it. Mario chased them to their ship. But the Rangers wouldn't give up so easily. Mario fought a feirce battle, but one by one, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, and Black whimped out. Their ship crashed into the Volcano, and Mario escaped with the star. Less powerful copies of the Axem Rangers are also known to exist in Smithy's world (Super Mario RPG).