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Birdo's origins are unclear. The creature was first encountered by Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad during their brief visit to Subcon. Birdo served under Wart, and used egg- and fireball-spitting skills to guard numerous areas from the Mario gang. However, Birdo was easily bested when her own eggs were used against her (Super Mario Bros. 2). Whether Birdo was conjured up in Mario's dreams is uncertain, but if so she was likely based on a real character, since Birdos later appeared in various places in the Mushroom Kingdom. One such instance was in Nimbus Land, where Mario discovered Valentina's henchman Shy Away raising a huge egg. The egg held an important castle key, but when Mario broke the shell he was greeted by a young Birdo. This Birdo, too, used egg-spitting techniques against him, but she proved a much greater challenge than any previous Birdo (Super Mario RPG).
Note: inacurate translation of the SMB2 instruction booklet has led to numerous misconceptions about Birdo. The character's name was mistakenly swapped with that of the enemy Ostro (later corrected in Super Mario Advance), and was described as being a boy who thinks he is a girl. How either of these mistakes occurred is unknown, but later games have established that it's name is Birdo, not Ostro, and that all known Birdos are female. Birdo also appeared in Mario's Tennis, Super Mario Advance, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Black Shadow

The mysterious racer known throughout the galaxy as Black Shadow has a single goal in the F-Zero Grand Prix - to destroy Captain Falcon. This history goes back to when Black Shadow was taught his super powers by Jay Gonso Snaky. Snaky was thereafter captured by Captain Falcon, who was sent to a total security prison. Shadow sought revenge against Captain Falcon. Shadow grew a clone of Captian Falcon, known as Blood Falcon, and together they seek to oust Captain Falcon in the Grand Prix (F-Zero X).
Note: official F-Zero X site, enough said.


The infamous gym leader of Cinnabar Island. Blaine became interested in Pokemon training after his life was saved by a mystical, firery bird. He will give you the Volcano badge if you best him in battle. His Pokemon all range in fire-types, and his team is known to include Arcanine, Ponyta, Rapidash, and Nintails. He can prove quite a challenge to those without a water- or ground-type on their team (Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow).


A nasty-tempered snowman, Bleak lead Baron K. Roolenstein’s forces on the snowy peak of K3. Leading his barrage of Lemguins, Koils, and Kobbles, Bleak did his best to force Dixie and Kiddy down the mountain. The two Kongs were able to reach the top of K3, where they found an angry Bleak waiting for them. The snowman propelled snowballs at the two monkeys, but they were able to hit his weak spot and forced him to retreat from K3 (Donkey Kong Country 3).

Blind the Thief

Leader of a band of thieves who found his way into the dark world where he sought the Triforce. He eventually found his way to a dungeon. As he attempted to look inside, he was forced in by monsters and locked in. Able to shape-shift, Blind took the form of a woman in hope of luring someone in to get him out. Link become his unwitting victim during his quest in the dark world. However, Link realized the deception. He forced Blind into the light, where he could not hold his shape. He was forced to revert to his true form. A difficult battle ensued, but Link emerged victorious (A Link to the Past).

Blitz Wagner

Very little is known about Blitz Wagner. He pilots the Silver Thunder, a machine designed by F-Zero legend Dr. Stewart. Blitz is described as piloting the machine with "quiet mastery" (F-Zero: Maximum Velocity).
Note: this description is taken from Nintendo Power Advance, Issue 1.

Blood Falcon

Blood Falcon is as great a mystery as the Black Shadow. He knows only that he is an exact look-alike to Captain Falcon and he is not a cyborg. The only person who knows his history for sure is the Black Shadow. Blood Falcon unquestioningly follows Black Shadow in his efforts to defeat Captain Falcon in the F-Zero Grand Prix, and the two make a dangerous team (F-Zero X).
Note: some of this information came from the official F-Zero X website, but not as much as other entries. Blood Falcon's costume appears as an alternate outfit for Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Bob-omb King

Self-proclaimed king of the Bob-ombs, this huge, battle-hungry bomb sits atop a huge mountain. During Mario’s quest for the power stars, he encountered the Bob-omb King. Outraged by Mario’s intrusion, the King challenged Mario to a fight. Mario defeated the large fiend and won a power star for his trouble (Super Mario 64).


A pink bob-omb with a hot temper, Bombette was captured by the Koopa Bros along with a number of other bob-ombs, and forced to work night and day on their fort.With the help of Mario, she was rescued from her prison, and agreed to help Mario on his adventure. Bombette's destruction skills proved invaluable to the teams success, and she was also a powerful ally (Paper Mario).

Bongo Bongo

Huge, shadowy monster long imprisoned in Kakariko Village by the Sheikah. Coupled with it’s increasing power and Ganondorf’s influence on Hyrule, Bongo Bongo escaped it’s shadowy prison and overtook the Shadow Temple. The lens of truth was the only artifact capable of seeing this body. Arming himself with the lens, Link traveled forward in time to stop the dark monster. Link succeeded in defeating the creature, foiling another of Ganondorf’s powerful minions. This resulting in the freedom of Impa, who resealed the Shadow Temple and prevented any further intrusions into Kakariko Village. Bongo Bongo remains trapped beneath Kakariko to this day (Ocarina of Time).


Seventh Generation descendant of a long line of slightly crazy forefathers, Booster resides in his gigantic funhouse tower. Once Exor, the gateway weapon between the Mushroom Kingdom and Smithy’s world, crashed into Bowser’s castle and sent Mario, Princess Toadstool, and Bowser flying in separate directions, the Princess landed at the top of Booster Tower. On recommendation from the sniffits, Booster attempted to marry the Princess. However, after chasing Booster and the sniffits to Marrymore, Mario and his friends showed up just in time to prevent the wedding. Booster and the sniffits returned to Booster Tower thereafter. Upon Valentina’s defeat at Nimbus Land, Valentina was sent flying into Booster Tower. Booster and Valentina were then wed in Marrymore (Super Mario RPG).


Notorious, scheming, tyrannical, cunning villain of the mushroom world. Bowser’s capers in the Mushroom Kingdom began when he captured Princess Peach Toadstool and took over the Kingdom. Bowser’s plan seemed flawless. However, the Koopa King had not counted on the arrival of the Super Mario Brothers. The brothers defeated Bowsers henchmen and rescued the Princess (Super Mario Bros.). After his defeat, Bowser escaped to Dark Land. He began planning another attack on the Mushroom Kingdom. This time, Bowser took over the entire mushroom world and set his children as henchmen, assigning them each a world to protect. The Koopa Kids proved no match against the Mario brothers, who traveled to Dark Land and again rescued the princess (Super Mario Bros. 3). Shortly afterwards, Mario, Luigi, and the Princess left for a vacation in Dinosaur Land. Little did they know, Bowser had returned to his old stomping grounds, capturing the meddlesome Yoshis and overtaking Dinosaur Land, then kidnapping the princess upon her arrival. Once more, Bowser put his children in charge of areas of the world, and positioned his troops to stop the Mario brothers. But, with aid from the freed Yoshi, Mario and Luigi ended Bowser’s reign of terror in dinosaur land, and he has not returned since (Super Mario World). After a long period of inactivity, Bowser dispensed with his children and executed a complicated plan. Locking the princess in her own castle, Bowser stole the 120 power stars, and spread them throughout many worlds. Some he gave to his minions, others he hid. The only way to free Peach was to recover the power stars. After a long and complex journey, Mario obtained the stars and freed Peach from Bowser once more (Super Mario 64). Shortly afterward, Bowser showed that he had a good side. Upon Smithy’s attack on the Mushroom World, Bowser’s castle was overtaken by Exor, the gateway to Smithy’s world. Bowser banded together with Mario, Peach, Geno, and Mallow, and under his “command”, defeated Exor and returned his castle to its original splender. However, Bowser's alliance with the good guys was short-lived (Super Mario RPG). Sometime later, Bowser stole the star rod. With this weapon, he could make himself invincible. He then devised a complex plan with the help of Kammy Koopa, whereby he lifted Peach's castle into the sky on top of his own. This not only created chaos in the world below, but it had a deep impact on star road as well. With much help, Mario succeeded in returning Peach's castle to the ground, and restoring the star road (Paper Mario).
Note: Bowser's appearances in the form of Baby Bowser have been seperated from this entry to avoid confusion. Although Bowser has made several appearances in all-encompassing games such as Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, and SSBM, these games are out of continuity and have been omitted from the encyclopedia. Bowser also appeared in Luigi's Mansion, however this was most likely a puppet Bowser created by King Boo, not Bowser himself.