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Built by Smithy in preparation for his overtake of the Mushroom World, Bowyer served as a henchman to Smithy. Leading Smithy’s forces outside of Rose Town, Bowyer terrorized the town, shooting his legions of arrows upon the helpless citizens. The robotic bow was defeated by Mario, Geno, and Mallow, whereupon they procured one of the seven stars from him (Super Mario RPG).


Brock is the first stop on the way to becoming a Pokemon master. Rewarding strong trainers with the Boulder Badge, Brock is known for his rock-type regiment. He is known to be especially strong against trainers who have chosen Charmander or Pikachu as their first Pokemon. Little else is widely known of Brock (Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow).


Master Trainer of fighting-types, Bruno is a member of the highly-skilled quartet known as the elite four.Bruno is the second match for trainers who reach the Indigo Gym. Although he primarily trains fighting monsters such as Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, he has also put two Onix into his group of five. Like many of the other Gym Leaders, little information is known of Bruno aside from his training skills (Pkmn Red, Blue, Yellow). Although some of the elite four disappeared later on, Bruno remained a member (Pkmn Gold, Silver, Crystal).


Leader of the Azelea Gym, Bugsy is the first known Gym Leader to specialize in bug-type Pokemon. Oddly, he also uses significantly weak Pokemon such as Metapod and Kakuna. However, he also trains a formidable Scyther. Little else is known of him (Pkmn Gold, Silver, Crystal).