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Candy Kong to Czar Dragon
Number of Entries: 18

Page 1: Candy Kong Captain Falcon Carock Chameleo Arm Chuchu Chuck Chunky Kong Clair Clapper Clawgrip Cloud N. Candy Cloudjin
Page 2:
Coo Cranky Kong Croco Crystal King Culex Czar Dragon

Candy Kong

Girlfriend of DK. During King K. Rool's first raid on DK Island, Candy Kong provided Donkey and Diddy Kong with help by operating her save points along their route (Donkey Kong Country). When K. Rool returned to steal DK's bananas and destroy the island, Candy provided the Kong family with musical instruments that proved vital to their quest (Donkey Kong 64).

Captain Falcon

Little is known about the mysterious Captain Falcon. He pilots the Blue Falcon, a well-rounded racer. He also owns a personal starship, the Falcon Flyer, which he uses in his bounty hunting occupation (F-Zero). Making his living as a bounty hunter, he has many enemies, namely Black Shadow, Blood Falcon, and Zoda. Falcon makes his home on a string of islands off Port Town, each with it's own private race track where he practices his driving (F-Zero X).
Note: much of the F-Zero X description is taken from the official F-Zero X website.


Mysterious foe who guarded a dungeon from Link. When Link reached his lair, Carock tried to fend him off with energy spheres. Using the mirror shield, however, Link bested Carock, and he has not been seen since (Zelda II).

Chameleo Arm

Area guardian who confronted Kirby during the Great Cave Offensive. Chameleo Arm had the ability to stretch his limbs out to attack Kirby, as well as swallow him, camoflage against walls, and spit paint balls. Kirby was able to overcome Chameleo Arms array of attacks and continue his treasure hunt (Kirby Super Star).


A friend of Kirby, Chuchu joined him on his quest to free Popstar from the influence of Dark Matter. Her ability to stick to ceilings proved invaluable, as did some of her other powers. Little else has been revealed about her (Kirby's Dream Land 3).


Leader of the Cianwood Gym, and master of Fighting-type Pokemon. Noteable members of his team include a Primeape and a Poliwrath. Those who defeat him in battle recieve a Storm Badge (Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal).

Chunky Kong

Biggest member of the Kong family. Chunky was captured by K. Rool during his attempt to destroy DK Island. He was shortly rescued by DK and the other Kongs and helped them save DK island. Though cowardly, Chunky's immense size and strength were a great asset to the Kongs, throwing the final blow against K. Rool (Donkey Kong 64).


Leader of the Blackthorne Gym, specializing in Dragon-types. Those who best him recieve a Rising Badge. On at least one occassion, however, Clair refused to give a trainer the badge until they first obtained the rare Dragon Fang (Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal).


Resident of Krocodile Isle. Clapper helped Diddy and Dixie by cooling the lava flows in Crocodile Cauldron with his ice breath. Later, the seal used his breath to turn water into ice so the two Kongs could cross (Donkey Kong Country 2). Later, Clapper donned a pirate costume and helped the Kong's further when K. Rool threatened to destroy DK Island (Donkey Kong 64).


During Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool's attempt to free Sub-con from Wart, Clawgrip guarded one of the worlds under Wart's control. Though his world was well fortified, the heroes reached his lair. He confronted them with a rock-throughing attack, which Mario and co. used against him. Clawgrip has not been heard from since (Super Mario Bros. 2).

Cloud N. Candy

When Baby Bowser stole the Super Happy Tree and trapped Yoshi's Island in a pop-up book, Cloud N. Candy served as one of his henchmen. Though the cloud was armed with a jump attack, he failed to stop Yoshi and became a snack for the dinosaur (Yoshi's Story).


Cloudjin served as a line of defense for Bowser during Yoshi's quest to retrieve the Super Happy Tree. When Yoshi reached Cloudjin, he tried to stop the dino with a fire breathing attack, but was defeated by an egg barrage from Yoshi (Yoshi's Story).