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  • Series: Kirby
  • Occupation: owl, friend of Kirby
  • Current whereabouts: Popstar
  • First Appearance: Kirby's Dream Land 2
  • Known relatives: none

Owl-like resident of Dream Land. When King Dedede stole the bridges connecting the islands of Dream Land, Coo joined Kirby in his quest to take them back (Kirby's Dream Land 2). He assisted Kirby with his ability to fly through the air. Later, when Dreamland was taken over by Dark Matter, Coo rejoined Kirby and his friends, taking back Popstar and helping others along the way (Kirby's Dream Land 3).

Cranky Kong

  • Series: Donkey Kong
  • Occupation: Former rampaging ape. Now scientist and information point
  • Current whereabouts: Donkey Kong Island
  • First Appearance: Donkey Kong Country (as Cranky Kong)
  • Known relatives: Donkey Kong (grandson), Wrinkly Kong (wife)

Former ape of construction site lore, Cranky Kong was swept up in King K. Rool's banana-theft fiasco. Though he disapproved of modern adventures, remeniscing his early days in which he captured Pauline from Mario and held her hostage at the top of a construction site, he lended his vast knowledge of gaming to Donkey and Diddy Kong in their quest to rescue his banana horde from K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country). Later, when his grandson was captured by K. Rool, he continued to run his information service for Diddy and Dixie, but for a price (Donkey Kong Country 2). Shortly after his rescue, however, DK, as well as Diddy were recaptured by Baron K. Roolenstein. Cranky was through with the information business, spending his time playing Swanky Kong's carnival games, leaving Dixie and Kiddy to figure out their quest for themselves (Donkey Kong Country 3). Later, K. Rool returned to Donkey Kong Island, stealing DK's banana horde and locking up his friends once again. Cranky aided DK for a price, selling him new abilities to help fight off the Kremling hordes, as well as offering DK another valuable service on his Colecovision (Donkey Kong 64).
Note: in terms of continuity, Cranky Kong is tricky character. He is evidently the original DK, who first appeared in Donkey Kong, and the current Donkey Kong is his grandson. How he has grown old while Mario hasn't is a mystery. However, the DKC games are in a seperate continuity from the Mario games (at least after the original DK series), so the Mario timeline doesn't really matter. To avoid confusion, however, he has been seperated from the Donkey Kong entry.


  • Series: Mario
  • Occupation: Thief
  • Current whereabouts: Last seen in Nimbus Land
  • First Appearance: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  • Known relatives: none

Thieving pickpocket, Croco first encountered Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom. Croco stole a wallet from an innocent Mushroom man, as well as a frog coin entrusted to Mallow by Frogfucius. Mario and Mallow pursued Croco to Bandits Way. Though hindered by his underlings and forced to play hide and seek with the crook, Mario and Mallow caught up with Croco, challenging him for Mallow's Frog Coin. Croco put up a fight, but eventually surrendered the coin. As Mario continued on his journey to retrieve the seven stars, they encountered Croco in the Moleville mines. Robbed of their money, Mario, Mallow, and Geno pursued Croco and his bandits through the caves until eventually catching up with him again. Croco again fought to keep his stolen goods, even pilfering the groups items. But he was again overpowered, returning the items and leaving the mines. Mario and Croco crossed paths once more at Nimbus Land. Croco had discovered a ring capable of finding hidden treasures. In his haste to hunt for riches, he dropped the ring, leaving it to be found by Mario and co (Super Mario RPG).

Crystal King

  • Series: Mario
  • Occupation: Boss
  • Current whereabouts: unknown
  • First Appearance: Paper Mario
  • Known relatives: none

Strange creature residing in a huge ice palace, employed by Bowser. When confronted by Mario, his main weapon was the art of deception, trying to trick Mario by creating false versions of himself. However, the plan failed, and with Crystal King behind him only Bowser stood between Mario and Peach's rescue (Paper Mario).


  • Series: Mario
  • Occupation: warrior from another dimension
  • Current whereabouts: unknown
  • First Appearance: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  • Known relatives: none

Little is known of the mysterious warrior calling himself Culex. During Mario's quest for the seven stars, Culex entered Mario's dimension in Monstro Town. Though he came in search of the Mushroom Kingdom's greatest warrior, he was unable to exist in that universe. When the plumber and his friends accepted his challenge, Culex, aided by the fire, water, wind, and rock crystals, battled them to prove his might. When he lost, Culex rewarded Mario and co. with an object of awesome power, then departed for his dimension (Super Mario RPG).
Note: there has been much speculation that this character is originally from Final Fantasy, and that he was ported over by Square. This is somewhat accurate. Culex is an original character, but he is based on a Final Fantasy boss, one which also had four crystals. The background music during the fight with Culex was also taken from that boss, and if you beat him, FF victory music will play.

Czar Dragon

  • Series: Mario
  • Occupation: Resident of the Barrel Volcano
  • Current whereabouts: believed destroyed
  • First Appearance: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  • Known relatives: none

The Czar Dragon was the final thing standing between Mario and the sixth star piece in the Barrel Volcano. Forced to fight him, Mario and co. battled the dragon, forcing him to transform into Zombone. Even as Zombone, the dragon failed to stop Mario, who was about to retrieve the star when it was stolen by the Axem Rangers (Super Mario RPG).