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Dr. Clash

A former F-Zero mechanic, Dr. Clash is a genius when it comes to F-Zero machines. Dr. Clash began to develop a desire to enter the F-Zero tournament himself. He built his own custom racer, the Crazy Bear, and began competing in the F-Zero X tournament (F-Zero X).

Dr. Stewart

Veteran F-Zero racer. Dr. Stewart pilots the Golden Fox, which belonged to his father, a former F-Zero pilot. His racer's number is 3 (F-Zero, F-Zero X). Dr. Stewart is also known to design F-Zero machines (F-Zero: Maximum Velocity).


A large, aquatic creature given command of the Muda kingdom by Tatanga. Dragonzamasu's henchmen were not enough to stop Mario, and the plumber confronted him in a submersible. 25 torpedos later, Dragonzamasu was defeated, and Mario continued on to the Easton Kingdom (Super Mario Land).


F-Zero pilot and criminal. Draq stole his machine and entered the F-Zero X Grand Prix. Little else is known about him (F-Zero X).


A large aquatic monster native to Maridia, Draygon was one of Mother Brain's four henchmen during Samus' second mission to Zebes. Draygon was accompanied by a number of smaller creatures which resembled it, possibly it's offspring. Draygon battled Samus in it's lair, but was ultimately defeated. It is unlikely that Draygon or it's minions escaped the destruction of planet Zebes (Super Metroid).

Dumb Drum

Boss Dumb Drum was the boss gaurding the exit to Kremkroc Industries Inc. While it appeared that at first it would just be a simple stop and go battle for DK and Diddy to avoid him trying to crush them, but he would then spew out various Kremlings from himself. This proved to be a short and repetitive battle for our heroes (Donkey Kong Country).

Dyna Blade

A large bird creature. Dyna Blade terrorized a small area of Dream Land, and Kirby was sent to investigate. Upon reaching Dyna Blade, Kirby was attacked by the bird and forced to fight. Upon Dyna Blade's defeat, Kirby discovered that the bird had been protecting a nest of babies. While Dyna Blade recovered, Kirby assisted in caring for the babies, and the family eventually left together. Grateful to Kirby, Dyna Blade agreed to assist Kirby against Sir Meta Knight during his attempted takeover of Dream Land (Kirby Super Star).