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12/28/02-After over half a year of hype, the D-page of the encyclopedia is finally completed. I also added game references to all the entries that didn't have them, and added a few notes to many of the characters.

6/15/02-Added the complete E-page. D will be ready soon.

5/12/02-I didn't mention this earlier, but I'm going to start keeping encyclopedia updates on their own page, like I do in the Cameos section. The C page is back up now, with all previous entries updated to include any new information. There are also new entries for Alex O'Neil, Birdo, Blitz Wagner, Bombette, Carock, Chuck, and Clair.

5/4/02-The first encyclopedia update in over a year. There will be a lot of updates to this section, now that more time can be devoted to it, starting with the character section. To start off, I've reorganized the pages A and B pages. There are now 12 entries per page, with one page per twelve entries per letter. The pages have also been updated with new entries for Acro, Adeline, Angler Fish, Aquamentus, Armos Knights, Arrghus, and Bugsy. C and D will be ready soon.