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Super Mario Advance

System: Game Boy Advance
Release Year: 2001
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1 (SMB2), 2 (Mario Bros.)



Same plot as SM2. Mario has a dream about a strange world in danger. Later, while the gang is enjoying a picnic, they find a strange cave. On the other end is the same world Mario had dreamed about. Also on this cart is Mario Bros., the arcade game classic.


Not bad at all. More well defined than it’s predecessor. Bright, somewhat cartoony color and faster. A few added perks with the bosses. Since Wart’s main attack is using bubbles, some of the bosses start out small, but get energies by Wart’s bubbles, much like Magikoopa’s energy rain in Yoshi’s Isle.

Sound and Music:

Lots were changed as far as sound. Instead of some noises, they were replaced by the character’s voices. Although very defined, it can be annoying when you’re moving very fast. The music is very cheerful, except the boss music of course. Zippitee doo daa! A nice ragtime tune as the main theme comes in loud and clear in the GBA’s small but powerful speaker.


Instead of a simple jump-destroy combo, you must pick them up and throw them into another enemy, or an endless pit. You can also uproot veggies and use them as weapons.

Some changes: a score counter was added for extra challenges.(i.e. beating your own record. No real rewards.) Also a heart plant was added to make the game easier, and it’s easier to get extra lives as well. A different boss has appeared , and her name is robo-birdo. Not very hard, but one of the harder ones. Five ace coins have been added to every level. Get all five for an extra life. After you beat the game, you can go through the yoshi challenge. Two eggs are added hidden in each level in subspace. One disappointing thing I have learned is that neither getting all the ace coins nor the eggs will get you any bonus except for knowing that you pulled it off. Where’s the fun in that? Mario Bros. Is pretty good, however saving with that game would be nice. I haven’t had the chance since none of my friends have a GBA yet, but I’ve heard that the multiplayer is extremely fun.


Horrible at best. I think it’s an insult that they only put two games on this pack. With the vast memory of the GBA, they could have easily fit SMB, SMB: the lost levels, SMB2 , SMB3, MBC, and even an extra like Yoshi’s isle or Super Mario world. Or, heaven forefend, they could have made a brand new Mario game. But nope, they spliced together two very very small games, one of them I never thought of as terrific in the first place. I believe that they might do both of these things later on.


If you have Super Mario All stars for SNES, don’t bother getting this game unless you have a strange yet very strong craving for a GBA fighting game. (The multiplayer of course)

Plot: N/A
Sound and music: 8.0
Graphics: 7.5
Gameplay: 8.5
Innovation: 3.0
Overall: 7.0