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12/28/02-No, the site has not shut down. But it came pretty close. I've been really busy, and have had very little time to work on the site, or play games. However, I'm back now, and I'm going to give NASHW something that it's needed for a long time - a massive overhaul. I'll be reorganizing everything, fixing broken links and other such problems, and getting rid of the site's general sloppiness. I won't be changing the look, just the functionality. In the meantime, I've removed some of the links on the frames (expect the frames to be replaced with tables) while I work on those sections, and I've removed two sections (Staff and Boards) altogether. Hopefully when this is over, NASHW will be decent, and it will definately be up to date. Keep checking back. Also, I do have one new thing for you. Since I won't be changing the encyclopedia any, I've left it up and finally added the D page.


8/17/02-Yay, an update! Just a little one though - a new cameo entry. Also, I've added to the help wanted page. Anyone with a video capture card need only apply. Also, Mario Sunshine comes out in 11 days. Expect a full review. And the D page is nearly complete, and will be up then as well.

7/31/02-Sorry for such a long wait. I've been kinda busy this summer. And other than new info on upcoming games, there isn't a whole lot of new stuff to do at the moment. However, there is a new cameo, and TWIGG has been updated.

6/15/02-The E page of the encyclopedia is ready. D is taking a little longer than expected, but will be up soon. Thanks to information from the Nintendo Database, Donkey Kong Country 3 has been added to the Zelda gamelist. A cameo entry will be up soon. Also, the previews section has gotten a much-needed update. Game & Watch Gallery 4, Mario Sunshine, Zelda GC, Link to the Past, Yoshi's Island, and Mario Party 4 have previews ready. Also, the recently announced Namco Star Fox title, Kirby Advance, and Wario World have been added to the list and will recieve previews shortly.

In related news, it seems that the Gamecube release of Soul Calibur 2 from Namco is going to feature Link as a playable character. This will be the realistic adult Link, not the Cel-shaded version. Soul Calibur 2 has also been added to the previews list.

Also, TWIGG has been updated, and I have added a link to my new comic site, Marvel vs. Comedy, which features sprite comics based on the Marvel vs. Capcom games.

5/12/02-The C page is back up in the encyclopedia, with the new format and new information. Expect another page or two next update, and possibly a cameo or two.

5/4/02-After over a year, major work has finally begun on the Encyclopedia. Rather than start from scratch as I had planned to do at first, I decided to just update and debug the current pages. The A and B pages are now complete, and the C and D pages will follow shortly. The new features include:
-A bit more condensed layout.
-Links at the top of each page which will take you right to an entry.
-New bios added for new characters (or ones I missed last time) on the A and B pages.
-Updated bios for old characters that have appeared in new games.
-Links between pages so you can go from one to another without returning to the main page.
There will be lots of work done on that section in the coming weeks. Thanks to Shadow Archon, who has been very helpful in getting this section going again.
There has been a lot of gaming news in recent weeks. The annual E3 show is scheduled for this month, and a lot of first party titles will be debuting there (as well as previously announced titles). Among these are F-Zero AC, F-Zero GC, Zelda GC, Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, and Fire Emblem Advance. Also, a new game has appeared on an E3 promotional flyer - Wario World. Little is known about this title. Previews for many of these games will be added soon. Also, two previously announced titles that I missed have been added to the upcoming games list - Mario Golf and Mario Tennis.

4/21/02-There are a few minor updates to the site. I've added a FAQ to the cameos section, added Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 to the Mario and Yoshi sections, archived all the updates from the past three months, and updated the upcoming games list (at very long last), and previews should follow shortly. However, I've taken a look at NASHW, evaluated each section, and have decided that some changes need to be made to the site. My evaluation is as follows:
-The site in general: I recently went through much of the site and fixed a lot of old bugs and programming errors. There are still a few things that need to be overhauled, however. I'm looking into redesigning the site (again), but that won't happen until summer at best. However, of greater concern is my server. NASHW has gotten so big that it will soon outgrow Tripod. As it is, the site is already spread across three accounts (one for NASHW, one for TWIGG, and one for Comix). I am not going to pay anything to Tripod for more space. If you are a server host (preferably a free one) looking for a site to host that gets a decent amount of hits and are reading this, please
e-mail me.
-Games: Thanks to the release of the Gamecube and SSBM, there was a short period of chaos while the staff and I scrambled to update the gamelists (as well as create new ones for the latest series). The gamelists are now complete. As for reviews, there are very few left to do, especially considering how many there were at the start. The reason that most (but not all) of the games left haven't been reviewed is because the staff and I don't have access to them, or are currently playing them to write a review. However, most of the reviews left should be completed soon. Also, I am planning to completely replace most of the screenshots (and likely expand the number per game).
-Cameos: This section is nearly complete. And again, there are a few games that don't have screenshots yet, either because the shots will take time to get, or I need a video capture card to get them, which I currently don't have. I will likely get this section done over the summer, as I'll have much more time to get the shots.
-Previews: The list is up to date, and I will soon have descriptions for the remaining games.
-Comix: This section is being reprogrammed, and will be back up as soon as it's done.
-TWIGG: TWIGG has been growing steadily for some time, and I would like to thank everyone who has supported me with the site. I am planning a few new features that you should see in the coming weeks.
-Encyclopedia: This section hasn't been updated in a long time, and there's a reason. The current layout has some serious flaws, so I'm going to scrap the section and start over from scratch. Expect to see some progress on that soon.
-Staff/Links/Boards/etc: Same as always, which is good.
That's NASHW's current status.

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