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5/5/01-Nintendo announced earlier this week that Super Smash Bros. 2 is in development, and has been for some time. It could launch with the Gamecube. A playable demo will be present at E3. More on that as E3 nears. Source:

2/12/01-Even in it's last hours before the Gamecube and GBA arrive, Nintendo has announced plans on a new Mario title, Dr. Mario 64. Fans of the games previous three versions will be attracted to it's low price and four-player modes. The game will also include Wario Land characters.

Paper Mario was the only N64 title to be released this month. This game is also priced low, at $49.99.

1/28/01-More info on the Game Boy Advance has been appearing as we near it's release date. A new title, Mario Advance, was also announced this month. A GBA launch title, Mario Advance is a remake of Super Mario Bros. 2, but with it's own unique features. Among the new additions, this game marks the long-awaited return of Toad and Princess to the Mario adventures, as well as the return of Wart.

Upcoming games: Kirby's Tilt 'n Tumble has been set back to February, along with Paper Mario. Mario Party 3 will come in may. The newly announced Dr. Mario 64 is slated to release soon, and with a low suggested retail price. The Zelda Triforce series is set to release before GBA.

12/28/00-November and December have been fairly slow months for Nintendo's main characters. Hey You, Pikachu! and the Gameboy Edition of DKC both saw release in October, and Kirby's Tilt 'n Tumble will be in the near future.

Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, the Gameboy counterpart of Pokemon Puzzle League, is the only game slated for a January release. Paper Mario, Mario Party 3, and the Gameboy edition of Mario Tennis are scheduled to come out around February. Pokemon Stadium GS and the two Zelda: Triforce Series games will also be released in the near future, likely before the release of Gamecube and Gameboy Advance.

January's Nintendo Power includes a subscriber only pack-in with a Gameboy Advance overview. Mario Kart Advance and F-Zero Advance both got small features (as well as the first F-Zero Advance screenshot), and the system looks impressive. The cover also features a Gameboy Advance with a suspicious Yoshi's Story screenshot. Nintendo has not confirmed YI's release on GBA, but has already demonstrated that the system is capable of handling the game. More on that as it comes.

10/29/00-A lot has happened since NASHW was offline. Most notably the unveiling of the Gamecube and Game Boy Advance!!! Nintendo gave us a preview of the Gamecube and it's software, featuring some of the most amazing-looking footage ever! A number of all-stars were included in the movie, including Link, Luigi, and Samus!!! More info on these games soon.

A number of highly anticipated N64 and Game Boy games have also been released over the past two months, including Zelda: Majora's Mask, Pokemon Gold and Silver, Pokemon Puzzle League, and Mario Tennis. Mario Tennis was also part of a promotion for "The Intruder", a Cartoon Network miniseries which ran in September during the Toonami block.

In upcoming releases, we'll be seeing the last few N64 and GBC all-stars games before Gamecube and GBA are released. Paper Mario, the sequeal to SMRPG, has been set back to Feb 2001. The Gameboy version of DKC is set for November 27. Mario Party 3 is set for a Spring 2001 release. Hey You, Pikachu is coming November 6. And on a lower note, Earthbound 64 has been canceled.

3/30/00-May marks the releases of many long-awaited and anticipated games, including StarCraft 64 and Perfect Dark. In the all-stars universe, the Pokemon Card Game adaptation for game boy has been released. It plays much like the card game itself, but including elements of the Pokemon RPG's. Several new Game Boy Color games have been announced, including Mario's Tennis, a new Kirby game, and GBC adaptation of Donkey Kong Country.

3/24/00-Things are beginning to pick up in the Nintendo universe.  First, Pokemon Stadium was released earlier this month. As expected, the much-anticipated N64 battle adaptation has become very popular. It is packaged with the N64 Transfer Pack, as was planned before, and fully supports uploading data from the Red, Blue and Yellow Pokemon games.

More news has circulated about Nintendo’s next-generation system, Dolphin. The big N has made a delay official, and Dolphin is now scheduled to release in early 2001. As yet, no software has been confirmed for Dolphin nor Game Boy Advance, the next-generation Game Boy.

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (formerly Kirby 64) is the next all-stars game scheduled to be released. It is scheduled to show up this March. Zelda: Majora’s Mask (formerly Zelda Gaiden), Pikachu VRS, and Super Mario Adventure are all scheduled for release late this year. Also, Camelot has announced that they are working on another Nintendo game that will feature Nintendo characters. There will be both N64 and Game Boy ports of the game.

1/1/00-Yikes! I neglect the News section and look what happens. Anyway, there are several games ready for release within this month. The forrunner of those is Game and Watch Gallery 3. Like it's predacessors, it features five classic games with modernized counterparts - Egg, Green House, Turtle Bridge, Mario Bros., and Donkey Kong Jr., as well as many extra features. This game also marks the first appearance of Wario in a Game and Watch Game. It is now available for sale or rent. The highly awaited Pokemon Stadium and Mario Party 2 are due for release late next month. These anticipated titles are sure to sell strongly in early Y2K. Also among future games is a brief announcement that a Wario Land 3 is in the works for GBC. A release date has not yet been established. There was also an announcement concerning the future of Zelda. According to an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, Zelda's Dolphin incarnation will not see the light of day for another five years. Luckily we have Zelda: Gaiden on it's way to a mid-Spring release.

8/26/99-Nintendo recently announced that they are developing six new Zelda titles for Game Boy Color. One of these is "The Legend of Zelda: the Mysterious Acorn", the next in the Zelda series. Also to be expected are some GBC versions of the NES Zelda games. More on this as information appears.

8/7/99-This is a slightly late article, but I didn't know about it until after my last news update. Anyway, a Mario Party 2 is in the works. It is a sequel to the popular Mario Party for the N64. Little is known about it now, but a NASHW preview will follow this as soon as concrete media shows up online.

8/3/99-Several new games were announced in the past few weeks. First of note, Game and Watch Gallery 3, is set for release this fall. It will undoubtedly include modernized versions of G&W Games featuring Mario and co.
Shigeru Myamoto has announced that Nintendo is working on a Mario launch title for the new system, codenamed "Dolphin" (when will they come up with name for this thing?). The Mario Bros. will be going for a less cutesy look, as the game will feature Mario and Luigi! More on this as it comes in.

7/28/99-Pokemon Snap and Mario Golf were released this week. This months Nintendo Power has a strategy guide for Mario Golf. It has many play modes including Tournaments, Stroke Play, and Mini-Golf.
The Pokemon movie titled "Mewtwo Strikes Back" will play in theatres on November 12. It will include a short called Pikachu's Vacation, which will feature 3 never before seen Pokemon. These Pokemon will probably make their first game appearance in Pokemon Gold and Silver.