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Pokemon Gold and Silver
Nintendo's newest Pokemon project, this game will feature 251 Pokemon. Pokemon can also crossbreed and lay poke-eggs. There are also Pokemon that you can upgrade to Pokemon that already exist. Pichu, a new monster, can become a Pikachu, for instance. You can also upgrade the current Pokemon into new monsters only on Gold and Silver. The storyline will be new, and the game features many new elements. The items are now divided into three seperate types. For example, your special items go in one place, and your standard items go in another. This game also features realtime day and night, similar to that of Zelda 64, but will take it a step further. You can now enter the day and time, and the game will remember it. For instance, you may only be able to catch a certain monster at 9:00 PM, or you may only be able to enter a building on Monday. It will also be compatible with both the GBC and the original Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket. Look for more info as this game progresses.