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System: Gameboy
Release Year: 1989
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1


It's Mario meets Brickles! In this launch title for the Gameboy, you control Mario inside a small, metallic capsule, and attempt to destroy row upon row of bricks until you've cleared an area and move onto the next. Not to be confused as a Pong title, this game includes a series of bonuses in the form of Mario characters made out of the bricks.


Graphically, this game falls a little below the standards of other gameboy games, even on it's release. True, the game and it's principals are supposed to be simple, it lacks anything that would really make it stand out againts another Brickles game. Mario's presence is minimal and has no effect on the game. Soundwise, the game is all beeps, which rise in pitch with the height of the bricks that get hit. Although the music doesn't run during normal gameplay, short, frantic tunes do play at the beginning and end of a level and during bonus levels. As gameplay goes, this game is a few steps ahead of classic Brickles. In some levels, the bricks are split apart and move around as if on a conveyor belt. In other levels, the brick columns will grow if you don't beat the level quick enough, and so on. The bonus levels and Mario cut scenes provide another step further from the original.

This is one of the only Brickles-clones I've seen on any system, and it's a pretty decent on at that. I recommend trying it.