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Diddy Kong Racing

System: Nintendo 64
Release Year: 1997
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Rare
Players: 1-4 Simultaneous

GameFox here, today I thought you might like to have a special guest star for this game. To help write this review, I invited Wizpig to talk about some of the problems he had while making this classic Nintendo 64 game.

Q: Ahem, Mr.Wizpig, what can you tell me about Diddy Kong Racing?
A: First, I'd like to say that you keep calling it the wrong name. The game is called, "Wizpig Team Racing." Of all people, I should know, it's in my contract, they have to name it after me.

Q: Wizpig Team Racing? I don't think the box said that when I bought my copy. In fact, I'm pretty sure that it was called Diddy Kong Racing.
A: Uh huh, right... When was the last time to had your eyes checked?

Q: Yesterday, actually. Anyway, about this racing game, what did you think of the graphics?
A: Amazing, I never looked better.

Q: Isn't that because you've never been in other games?
A: What's that supposed to mean?

Q: Nothing. So, nice graphics, is their anything you enjoyed the most?
A: Well, I liked flying around on my rocket, and riding down a river with logs is kinda fun. But I can never keep my balance, and the dragon laughs at me.

Q: Ah yes, speaking about the dragon, what did you think of the games characters?
A: All the characters were easy to work with, except Diddy Kong, and Conker. Conker got to express himself with 'Conkers bad fur day', but Diddy's never showed his bad side in a game.

Q: Really? What's so bad about Diddy?
A: Did you ever see him on Donkey Kong Country 2?

Q: Yeah, do you mean that little boom box?
A: LITTLE? HA! They have to shrink it down in Donkey Kong Country, but in real life, it's bigger then him. He can only lift it up on his shoulders with a crane, and he has to wear the size XXXL shoulder pad on that shoulder. In the first race I'm in Wizpig Team Racing, I was supposed to ride in a large kart, but as a practical joke, he pointed his boom box at it while I was sitting in it and turned the volume all the way up. Needless to say, after that, the producers made me run that first race on foot.

Q: Wow, at least you still have you hearing!
A: What?

Q: Back to the game, what did you think of the music?
A: Very catchy, I still find myself humming it. I still can't believe they games have music with obscene lyrics... or was that Diddy's boom box?

Q: Hmmm, I don't recall any lyrics. Do you think the game was too hard?
A: That depends, if a little kid is playing it, yes. But the mainstream game players that play games with music like this will have no problem after a little while of practicing.

Q: So, it's hard for the little kids, and challenging for teenagers?
A: Didn't I just say that?

Q: I guess, do you think that the multiplayer mode was unnecessary?
A: Of course it's necessary, why else would they call it 'Wizpig TEAM Racing!'

Q: Ahh, I almost forgot about that. So, the co-op is good, what about the battle modes?
A: They are amazing, in fact, we almost made that the main focus of the game. But we came to our senses and did more racing. Also, if they had made it entirely battle modes, we would have had to change the name, and we couldn't think of a better name then 'Wizpig Team Racing.'

Q: In conclusion, do you have anything planned for your next game?
A: Just that I love playing as the villain, and almost got that role as Giga Bowser on Super Smash Bros Melee. Keep looking for me, I'll show up someday. Until then, PLAY WIZPIG TEAM RACING!

I don't think I could say more then that. Except, you might want to try a little played game called Diddy Kong Racing.


Graphics 7
Music 8
Gameplay 8
Replay Value 6

Overall 8

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