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Donkey Kong 3

Systems: Arcade, NES
Release Years: 1984 (Arcade), 1986 (NES)
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Number of Players: 2 Alternating


DK's on another rampage, this time in the Jungle. He's climbing trees and annoying the tree-dwelling insects, causing them to attack villages. The villagers call on Stanley the Bug Man to chase away the bugs and DK. Stanley must beat the bugs back with his bug sprayer and keep DK in the trees.

DK's back in his third gaming appearance. DK and Mario were becoming increasingly popular in the arcade world. In 1984, they made their first debuts apart from eachother. But while Mario and his new brother Luigi's new game, Mario Bros., was more popular than ever, DK was slipping back. This game just wasn't as popular as the previous two games. DK wouldn't be seen in another new, non re-released game until 1994, and Stanley didn't stand a chance.


Another year, another Kong game. Donkey Kong had been making a name for itself and Nintendo since the release of DK to the arcade world. This game just didn't stack up to the standards of DK and DKjr. The graphics and sound on this game were nothing new. The graphics weren't lacking, and in a game like this the graphics aren't too flashy anyway. If anything, the sound was improved over that of DK and DKjr. with more sound effects than in the previous two games. The gameplay differs from that of the other two games, however. As Stanley you stand in your confined space on the ground and shoot at hordes upon hordes of insects in order to protect little items on the ground. On top of that you have to watch out for DK at the top of a tree and prevent him from reaching two beehives at the bottom of the tree and knocking them to the ground. To win you must drive DK up the tree so that he runs away. This wouldn't be too hard except for the swarms of bugs coming after. They don't give you much time to focus on Donkey Kong and it takes a lot of shots to get him up the tree.

In conclusion this game was a step in a different direction for DK, and unfortunately it didn't lead to the success of it's predaccessors.