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Donkey Kong '94

System: Game Boy
Release Year: 1994
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1


Donkey Kong kidnapped the beautiful Pauline and has run away!! To save her, Mario must chase after Donkey Kong. The familiar game of "Donkey Kong" is now a Game Boy title. A totally new quest awaits Mario beyond the familiar scenes of the first few stages. Hunt down Donkey Kong as he escapes from the Big-City, travelling on the Ship, through the Jungle, the Desert, Rocky Mountains and on to his home. Can Mario capture Donkey Kong and save Pauline?

The arcade classic returns to Game Boy. And what better game than this to be the first fully compatible Super Game Boy cartridge? DK for Game Boy (known popularly and in Nintendo Power as DK94) begins with the original four levels of the DK arcade game, but then branches on to contain 99 levels total!


One of the best games ever to hit the Game Boy, as well as the last time we'd see the classic DK format until Donkey Kong 64. DK94 sported new graphics, new levels, new abilities for Mario, DKjr., and countless other features. The graphics are well detailed, and not choppy. The levels contained original music, and the new sound effects left little to be desired. The control was true to the Donkey Kong format, but sported new moves. Now, instead of just jumping, Mario can super jump, backflip, swing from wires, lift objects, shrink using poisonous mushrooms, and the like.

An excellent game, both for the Game Boy and the DK series. It belongs in every Game Boy owners collection.