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Donkey Kong Classics

System: NES
Release Year: 1988
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Alternating


Hmm..., what to do? Save Pauline from Donkey Kong as Mario, or save Donkey Kong from Mario as D.K. jr? Tough choice. Ahh, but thanks to a little handywork from Nintendo, we no longer need to choose. Because now the two all-time classic Donkey Kong games are here on one cartridge! This game is quite a convenience. No need to buy two cartridges, because the two games were together on one. No need to switch between carts, because as soon as you're done playing one game, simply select the other. Who could ask for a better deal? DK3, maybe....


It's the two first and greatest Mario/Kong games, together on one cartridge. Rescue Mario's girfriend Pauline through a crazy construction site, or travel through more unlikely locals to rescue the big ape himself in DK jr. Complete with two player option, multiple modes, and of course, the classic arcade feel. Don't jump to conclusions. This game is nothing new in terms of design. Graphics are as before. Slow here and there, with the plain, black background. The sound effects are similar, with low, quiet music playing away. And of course, the gameplay is the classic, arcade jump-over-this and climb-that that made Donkey Kong so popular. For more in-depth coverage of the two games, see the individual reviews.

If you don't have either Donkey Kong or DK jr., grab this one. It's really a great bargain. My only complaint is the absence of Donkey Kong 3 in the collection. But it's still a good game and great port of the arcade.