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Donkey Kong Jr.

Systems: Arcade, NES
Release Years: 1982 (Arcade), 1986 (NES)
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 2 Alternating


Donkey Kong has been captured by Mario to be returned to the zoo. Only his son, Donkey Kong Jr., can rescue him from this humiliation at the hands of his nemisis. Donkey Kong Jr. must travel through a thick jungle, a huge chasm, and, dare I say it, a power plant (hmm). He must overcome such terrors as Klaptraps, Buzzards, and, dare I say it, electrical currents (hmmm). This is notably Mario's first and only appearance as a bad guy.

Let's flashback to 1981. Donkey Kong has become the biggest hit game in the arcade world and Nintendo is more famous that ever. But the people wanted more Mario and Donkey Kong. Nintendo kept them waiting for a year and then Donkey Kong Jr. saw the light of day. This game followed in the footsteps of it's predaccessor as a single-screen, multi-level adventure featuring apes and a tubby man in overalls now known as Mario.


DKjr., like DK, was a huge success. The game was more of a challenge than DK, and it again featured a story with the game and fun characters. The graphics were comparable to DK and the improvements were marginal at best. The sound, too, took no huge steps from DK. Your standard sound effects of Jumping, loosing, winning, walking, etc. The gameplay, too, was like that of DK, although the levels are more challenging. Your goal is to get to the top of the level and get to DK. The game also looses the weapons of the first game and replaces them with fruits to drop on your enemies from below. It's great if you want to score points but if an enemy is above or right in front of you it won't do you much good.

All in all, this game didn't set any new records over Donkey Kong but if you like Donkey Kong and have an NES this game is worth a play (or a quarter, in the case of the arcade version).