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Dr. Mario

Systems: NES, Game Boy, Arcade, Vs Arcade
Release Year: 1990
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Simultaneous


I guess it goes like this. An outbreak of strange virii is rampaging the world. It's up to Dr. Mario to fight off and cure the virii.

This is one of Marios first puzzle gaming appearances, and a pretty good one at that. Mario throws a capsule into a bottle of virii. You have to match the color of the capsule with the corresponding virus. If you get three in a row, the virus will be defeated. Defeat all virii, and you win! This game was also released to tide Mario fans over while SMB3 was in the works.


This game had pretty good graphics. Not flashy, but fitting for the game. I must complain that it would have been nicer if the game had had a background of some kind other than black. Not something distracting, but anything would have been better than just a flat out color. The music is very catchy, and will stick in your mind forever. It really fits the frantic, dancing-virus theme. The sound effects are rather limited. You have capsules landing, virii kicking in anger, virii dissapearing, and that's about all concerning sound. The gameplay is pretty good. The game was original, and proved to be an excellent puzzle game. It was well-paced, easy to control, and reacted well. All-in-all, an excellent game.

I would recommend this to anyone who has an NES or Game Boy and likes adictive puzzle games but is sick of tetris.