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System: Super NES
Release Year: Late 1994
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Ape
Players: 1


The year is 199X. In the small town of Onett, a young boy named Ness dozes off into a deep sleep.

Suddenly, a loud crash awakes Ness from his dreams. It seems a meteorite had crashed into a nearby hill not too far from his house. Being the adventurous sort he is, he goes to check it out.........

After seeing his alien friend, Buzz Buzz, come to a gruesome end, he decides to set out and save the world with his PSI powers to rid the universe of the being known as Giygas. Will he succeed? Or will he get the same fate as his friend


Earthbound is your average, run-of-the-mill RPG, right? Wrong. Earthbound featured Retro Hippies instead of Fire-breathing dragons, Hamburgers instead of potions, Basball bats instead of swords, the list could go on and on. Earthbound features classic overhead views, with vibrant colors that catch the eye. The play control is great, giving you total control over Ness and his friends, though when riding a bicycle, the play control stiffens a bit.

All in all, Earthbound is a crazy, fun filled adventure that I recommend for all gamers, not just RPG players.