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Earthbound Zero

System: NES
Release Year: 1991
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: APE
Players: 1


Ness, using his psychic powers, searches for the truth behind a mysterious ancestor..........


 Earthbound Zero is actually, in reality, VERY similiar to it's sequel. Basically, the battles are the same style, with a few changes, except for game play, which is a bit more simpler. The overworld characters are very well animated, even for that of an NES ( Famicom ) game. possibly even better than it's sequel. It has some very similiar music, music you may remember from Earthbound, but, of course, in a more primitive form. Now, for challenge. and boy, is this game challenging! far more than Earthbound! in fact, many times you can't even go ONE step without being attacked by one of Gigue's Minions. Graphics are like that of Earthbound, but more simple and pixelated. the overworld characters are smaller and more midget looking than the sequel, but I can forgive that becuase it was the first game.

All in all, Earthbound Zero is ALOT like it's counterpart, but very much more primitive and simple. it is a great game, but I'd only recommend it for Hardcore Earthbound fans and/or Hardcore RPGers.