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F-1 Race
System: Gameboy
Release Year: 1990
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1


International Formula 1 racing. No explanation neccessary.


One of Game Boy's first, few, and most classic racers. This game is pretty good, graphically. They managed to get a good, 3rd person view, and add in lots of eye candy for an 8-bit game, mainly in the scenery. The game also has, though slightly pixellated, a good racing engine, similar to that of Super Mario Kart. Quite a feat on an 8-bit handheld. There is some music as well, though it's rather overshadowed by the buzzing of the engine. It's a nice effect for the game, but a little bit loud. The control is simple, but works well. The A and B buttons run the gas, and the move left and right with the control pad.

A very good racer for Game Boy. Recommend if you like the genre.