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System: Super NES, Arcade
Release Year: 1991
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1-2


Err, once upon a time, in the distant future, a galactic invitational Grand Prix was held. The galaxies fiercest racers entered the competition. Though each had their own reasons, they all agreed on one thing - whoever won the race would be the greatest of them all.

The first F-Zero title, this game showcased the then new Super NES' 3D capabilities. This game featured futuristic, hovercraft-looking race cars and put them on winding 3D tracks.


This games graphics were very good for it's time. This was one of Nintendo's first attempts at a 3D engine for the Super NES, which would be improved on in later titles such as Star Fox, Yoshi's Safari, and Super Mario Kart. Though somewhat pixilated, the look was excellent for it's time and started a successful chain of 3D games for the Super NES. The musical score was good, and set the mood of the game and it's tracks. The sound effects are mostly limited to bumps and explosions, but are good all the same. This game was one of Nintendo's first and most enduring 3D racers. Your objective was simply to get to the goal and live, and is much simpler than the complex Mario Kart. Just drive, and try and get as many other racers out of your way as possible.

Great racer for the Super NES. Highly recommended.