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Kirby's Dream Land 3

System: Super NES
Release Year: 1995
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Hal
Players: 1


Kirby, our hero, makes his home in Dream Land, which is located on PopStar. PopStar is a small, peaceful planet at the edge of a vast universe. One day, Kirby and Gooey went fishing. Birds were singing. The sun was shining. It was such a nice day that they felt more like napping than fishing. As Kirby and Gooey relaxed, they noticed a black, cloud-like object appear in the PopStar sky! The black object started to spit out small clouds. These clouds were scattered everywhere. Just then, Coo appeared, looking panicked. "Hurry, Kirby!" he said. "PopStar's in BIG trouble!" The small clouds took control of King Dedede and his minions. They started to do terrible things! Now, Kirby and his friends have left to get rid of these strange clouds and save PopStar!


Ah yes... this is quite an interesting game. I'm not gonna go too much into detail, but I'll tell you that this has quite a few interesting points. The graphics are pastel like. It also looks like the game is a flip book, because the characters aren't perfectly still when the stop. The lines that their drawn with move to give the game a realistic feel (as if it really was drawn by hand). This gives the game an awesome look. Lots of differents sounds. The same awesome Kirby music. This is a lot like any platformer. Run, jump, float, etc.. You can copy eight different abilities. This seems pretty small, but remember you have seven friends. When you're riding one you have different attacks. That gives the game an overall 56 attacks (if you can't do math)! It's Kirby! Excellent replay value!

Overall, you have to play this game if you're a platform fan. It's really sweet.