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Kirby's Avalanche

System: Super NES
Release Year: 1995
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Hal
Players: 2


Welcome to Dream Land, a small and peaceful country situated on a far away little star. In Dream Land the local pastime is a puzzle game called "Avalanche". Kirby decided since every Dream Lander plays the game, it would be a great idea to hace a country wide competition to determine who is the best player of all.. After months of organizing, The First Annual Dream Land's Avalanche Competition was finally announced. To be heald at the Dream Fountain, this would be the biggest event in the history of Dream Land! All the Dream Landers have been practicing, and all plan to attend and compete. Like Kirby, they have been dreaming sweet dreams of becoming the Avalanche Champion and claiming the highly sought after "Dream Fountain Cup". The for the compeition are quite simple: Everyone will travel by foot to the Dream Fountain. If, while on their journey, two Dream Landers happen to meet, they must challenge each other to an Avalanche match. Only the winner of the match may continue onward towards the Dream Fountain. In this way, the numver of competitors will be whittled down to a manageable size before the final action at the Dream Fountain. Can you help guide Kirby through the competition so he arrives successfully at the Dream Fountain? Can he rise above the grizzled veterans and achieve his dream of becoming the reigning champion? His fate is in your hands!


Dr. Mario meets Kirby. Graphics are good. Nothing special. Super cool Kirby sounds. Bad guys kinda talk. Some voices in the game too. Like at the beginning, someone says "Kirby's Avalanche". The objective is to make sure your opponent's uh... thing fills up before yours does. You do this by making four blobs of the same color connect. Once in a while you'll get a couple to connect in a row. If you do this right you'll send black blobs into your opponents thing. They can only be destroyed by destroying blobs right beside them. You lose if your thing fills up. In between games characters talk with each other. Pretty cool. It's a puzzle game, so incredable replay value. Overall fun, fun, fun.