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Kirby's Adventure
System: NES
Release Year: 1994
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: HAL
Players: 1


First you draw a circle, then you dot the eyes, add a great big smile and presto it's Kirby!
That's the opening theme for everyones favorite pink puffball's greatest NES adventure!
This is one of the largest NES games out and is deffinately a worthwhile purchase (if you CAN
still purchase it somewhere that is...).


Hmm... An evil being from hundreds of years ago, the Nightmare, is now capable of sending his
power to take over the many people of Popstar. King DeDeDe, seeing that the nightmare's power
is being spread through the energy of the Star Rod, splits the Star Rod into 7 pieces. Kirby
is enraged, so he goes off to collect the 7 pieces, and bring the Star rod back to the fountain
of dreams. Hearing this, King DeDeDe orders his to stop Kirby! Now this little marshmellow isn't
as cute and cuddly as you may think. Kirby has a variety of skills to learn on his quest to
return the Star Rod to the fountain of dreams. Thing is, our little hero doesn't know that when
he puts the Star Rod back in, a little surprise is in store for him...


Excellent graphics for the NES! Perfect color, not blurry, and you can tell what things are!
This game has WAAAAAY better graphics than most other games I've ever seen!
Excellent sound. Clear, and fits the scenery. Better than most other games! I like the variety
most. Wow. Excellent variety of enemies, and moves. Each move is cool and has a special purpose. Also,
Kirby can fly, swim, walk,run, and jump. You'll wanna see the moves over and over and over...
Each boss has a weakness. This would be a 6/5 if I could do that! I say this game ROCKS! One of the best I've ever played! Great replay value! Immence fun! KIRBY

Kirby's Adventure is definately one of the best Nintendo games ever! It was in one of the NES's
largest carts!