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Mario Golf

System: Nintendo 64
Release Year: 1999
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Camelot
Players: 1-4 Alternating


Mario Golf was a moderatly good game. All the original characters of Nintendo gathered together to battle it out on a sunny day in the middle of a golf course. Weapons relaced with golf clubs and putters, battles to the death replaced with battles of control and concentration and most importantly, the winner walks off the feild with a trophy instead of a rescued princess.


One of the perks that made this game interesting to me was the fact that each character had a choice of different phrases to try to distract the person with. Some of the things that they come up with are just hillarious. The hidden characters and levels mixed with multiplayer mode make this games replay value sky rocket. The amount of concentration needed to hit the golf ball just right, while taking in such factors as wind, rain and that paticular characters strength makes this game just that much more interesting. The music is soft and gentle, just right for a game where you need to concentrate. I thought that this was a really good addon to the game. I couldn’t imagine trying to play golf while listening to hard rock music, but some do it. Overall, I felt this game was a moderatly good game and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in multiplayer games or quiet soft sounding mental games. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this game as a 8.5 mainly for the replay value and the content of the game. Thank you for your time in reading this review and I hope you enjoy the game.
Final rating: 8.5