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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

System: Game Boy Advance
Release Year: 2001
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1-4 Simulatneous


Although the game itself did not mention a story behind the race, the manual had a quiet detailed description. To make a long story short, the economy was failing, and some people attempted to get rich quick, as F-zero pilots.

Gameplay and Control:

It is quite easy to control your racer, even at warp speeds. Same basic controls as FZX, except B is now brake and not boost. In addition to four different series of races, one you must unlock, they also have four classes of difficulty. You start with only four, but as you go, you will unlock hidden racers. This is about enough to keep you busy for a month, but what makes this game shine is the abilities it has in multiplayer action. You can play other people even if they don’t have the cartridge, but if they all do, you can select from more tracks.

Sound and music:

In the true tradition of F-Zero, all the music is in a rock and roll style. If you like that type of music, you might want to take advantage of how loud a GBA can get and crank it UP! Nothing too grabbing as far as sound goes, although it is quiet realistic. Revving up the engine, bumping into things, boosts, most of it again from FZX.


Wow. For a portable, it’s a real feast for the eyes. The screen jumps out at you with vibrant color and fast paced action. Although the crafts are in 3-D, the tracks are very flat and plain. The developers spent most of the time on the background. That’s where the color is the brightest and most detailed. Meant to distract you so you run into the rail.


Nothing in this game is very innovative. Everything is just like from FZX. Even though it’s a new title, I felt as though I was playing something that I had played before, only with less machines, longer tracks, and more laps.


Although a feast for the senses at first, after a while you’ll find that you’ve done everything and not known it. It’s a quick game to beat, but if you know someone else with a GBA, you’ll be playing this game for months to come. Even if you don’t , you can always get better while waiting.

Sound and music: 8
Gameplay and control: 8.5
Innovation: 4
Storyline: 5
Replay Value:7.5
Overall: 7