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Mario Bros.

Systems: Arcade, NES
Release Years: 1984 (Arcade), 1986 (NES)
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Number of Players: 2 Simultaneously


Mario and Luigi, two plumbers from Brooklyn, are working on a jump in the sewers. Suddenly, monsters start popping out. It's up to the Mario brothers to defeat the monsters and keep them from escaping into the city.

This game was a turning point for the Mario series. This game was the first ever to seperate the carpenter-turned-plumber from Donkey Kong. As DK went off to feature in Donkey Kong 3, Mario moved into a completely different game. He got a new proffession, and Luigi was introduced. The two plumbers battled fierce Sidesteppers, Shellcreepers, and other creatures that popped from the pipes underground.


Graphically, this game is standard arcade fare. You're plainly colored character runs along small, patterned platforms with a black background. I must add my usual complaint about the lack of background color, but I guess if you're in a sewer it wouldn't really matter anyway. Sound wise, you have your usual beeps, boings, crashes, and footsteps. Music is nowhere to be found outside the title screen. The sounds are okay, but they do get repititious here and there. The game play was something new in this game, setting it apart from Mario's previous adventure. Instead of climbing to the bottom of the screen to the top in painfully slow footsteps, you now run all over the place, punching the floor beneath your enemies and knocking them senseless. The game is endless, so you just go on and on, beating the enemies as they become more and more difficult to defeat.

Mario brothers is a pretty fun game, and it's plenty good to pop it into the NES every now and then and play a couple rounds.