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System: NES, Arcade
Release Year: 1986 (NES), 1987 (Arcade)
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1



Evil space pirates have killed members of a exploration team to get a secret
life form named Metroid. Destroy the Mother Brain before the bad guys can
use it as a weapon!!

And that is all the prelude you need to begin playing Samus on the
8-bit classic, Metroid. Ah, the glory days of the old Nintendo make me weep
with nostalgia. Find the bad guy and stop him. No "interactive storytelling"
to sweep you into a deep coma from boredom. No "deathmatch multiplayer mode"
to offer frustration and humiliation at the victory of your opponents.


Do I make it sound like Metroid was uncomplicated? Hah! It was complicated
all right, in the right ways. That was this game's greatest strength.
Although it was very small in memory size, especially compared to the 34 CD
playstation games that gobble cash and give miniture value in return,
Metroid gave players what they really want.

A FUN challenge!

Massive mazes. Strange, unique monsters. There are certain feelings the
atmosphere gives you in this game I've seen in few else. Your thumb still
trembles when you descend into Touran, knowing you will have to face wave
after wave of dreaded Metroids until you finally meet your last adversary.
Think you're in the clear after you beat her off? Think again. Mother Brain
has a little surprise for you, just to put the cherry on top of a perfect

The only thing I really didn't like about Metroid was the fact that it was
TOO easy to lose. When you did lose, and decided to quit for awhile, you had
to write down your stupid password. When you wanted to pick up where you
left off, you had to key it in again, through the clusmy Nintendo
controller, letter by letter. By the time I beat this game, I never wanted
to see another password again. It would have been nice if Nintendo could
have put a battery pack in the
re-release version, but that probably would have meant redesigning the whole

That's a small compromise to make for such a great game. You don't see too
many made with quality like this one. Your owe it to yourself to grab a copy
off Funcoland and see the end yourself. It sure surprised a lot of people
back in the '80s. (Eat yer heart out, Lara Croft.)