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Mario's Early Years: Fun With Numbers

System: Super NES
Release Year: 1994
Publisher: Nintendo/Software Toolworks
Developer: Software Toolworks
Players: 1


An educational title which sparked from a deal between Nintendo and Software Toolworks, which resulted in about seven games total. This game was one of three in the Mario's Early Years series, which focused on preschool aged kids.


This title shares it's gameplay, graphics, and sound effects with Fun With Letters and Preschool Fun. See Fun With Letters for a full description. This game focused on basic math skills, such as adding, counting, and shapes. It may seem a little more serious, since the minigames in Numbers didn't feature as much Mario as Letters and Preschool Fun (so no "icky Iggy"), but it still has the same little kid feel.

All in all, this game features the similar upsides and downsides as the other two titles, but makes for a good, but short educational experience.