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NES Open Tournament Golf/Mario's Open Golf

System: NES, Arcade
Release Year: 1991
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 2 Alternating


Once upon a time when the Super Nintendo was new Mario and Luigi wanted to go golfing. So they packed up their clubs, got Daisy and Peach to be caddies, bought more clubs from Donkey Kong, and golfed all over their 8-bit world. Sorry, no official story here folks.

This game is pretty much an updated version of the 1985 Golf game. Of the three Mario golf games available before the N64 version, this one looked the best and was the biggest, adding both Japanese and European courses to the American.


The third of Mario's golf games improved a lot over the previous two. The graphics were pretty good. Unlike the original NES Golf, everything wasn't crammed onto one screen. So you could check all the variables and get yourself directed on the map before you swung. Then back to course map and so on. This game included some new features. As opposed to being given every club in the game right from the start, you instead were given a selection of clubs and you could then buy the rest. The music on this game was pretty good. There were more musical opportunities in this game than in the previous two, and that was taken advantage of. Sound effects are practically non-existant, but what do you expect. Gameplay is essentially identical to that of the original Golf, plus the new features and the two-player mode. Nothing like that fancy N64 game-thingy. Ahh, simplicity at it's best. Those new-school gamers have no respect for they're roots. Why if I had my way...(KoolFalcon: Toadmon, you have at least 10 more reviews to do! Don't get sidetracked...). (Toadmon: sigh).

Anyway, if you manage to find this game and don't absolutely hate golfing, check it out. And if you liked and own the first two of Mario's golf games, I definetly recomend adding this one to your library.