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System: NES, Vs. Arcade
Release Year: 1985
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Alternating
ESRB Rating: N/A


Here's an oldie. One of the original NES titles released shortly after Super Mario Bros. You're really just playing Pinball on your NES, getting bonus points and bouncing the ball around. If you get the ball into one of the bonus pockets, you can control Mario and bounce the ball around with a bumper in his hands in an attempt to rescue the Princess. Once you get enough points, Princess Toadstool will fall from her prison and you must catch her or she'll be flattened.

The graphics are pretty good, considering this is a video pinball table. Motion is limited to the ball, the bumpers and various bonus point things on the table - nothing new. Also the little bonus penguins on the upper table, and Mario and Princess running around on the bonus screen.
Sound is limited to the noises the bumpers and bonus point things make, and anything the ball hits. There is no music during the game, but what do you expect, this is pinball.
Gameplay is very pinball-like (duh). You hit the ball, it bounces off bumpers and whatever, and that is that. The is a little slower that what you might expect from a pinball game. The table is split into two screens. If you loose the ball on the top screen it will fall to the bottom screen and you can go for different bonuses. Loose the ball on the second screen and you loose a life. Controlling Mario in the bonus area is simple enough. All he does is run around in his little confined space and hit the ball. He is a little out of control, how ever, and it's often easy to miss.

Overall, this is a good NES recreation of pinball. And aside from it being a little slow, I'd recommend anyone who likes pinball and has an NES to try it out.