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System: Game Boy
Release Year: 1989
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Taito
Players: 2 Simultaneous (w/ link cable)


Note: this is an excerpt from the instruction manuel.

QIX first hit the video arcades in 1981. This exciting arcade classic is now read for you to challenge on your Nintendo GAME BOY. A new 2 PLAYER option has been added to make this game even better! In the 1 PLAYER game, you move the Marker to draw lines. Enclose as much area as possible while being careful to avoid the QIX and Sparx- the lethal enemies that move on and around the playing field. You must enclose a certain portion of the screen in order to progress to the next round. Using a Video Link (TM) cable, you can challenge a friend in the 2 PLAYER mode The first one to enclose a certain amount of area wins.

Well, that was the extent of Qix. A classic arcade game that later hit the Game Boy and made it in time to launch with the system. This game was not a huge Game Boy success like other games of the day, but what can I say - simple, but classic.


I must start out by saying that this game is ridiculously simple. You control some sort of object and patrol around the screen in order to confine the QIX into a small space. You were a diamond-shaped thingie, the Qix were a parade of lines, and the Sparx were like little currents. That, and a few lines and colored boxes, is the fullest in the 1-Player game. The two player game has a bit more to offer the eye, with Mario and Luigi representing players one and two as in so many other puzzle games. The sound effects are pretty basic. You make a whirring noise when you make a box, a little beeping sound when you complete the box, and the Qix make an annoying hum. There is no music to speak of except at the title screen. As for the gameplay, you control the diamond-thingie and make boxes withing a box in order to leave only a small space left while the Qix bounces off the walls trying to hit you mid-line and the sparx travel along the lines to get you. I'm afraid I can't be any more descriptive.

All in all, Qix is very much an arcade classic, but this game needed more than a two-player mode to really catch the eyes of the Game Boy gamers. Perhaps if this game is rereleased again, it will.