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Super Mario Bros. 3

System: NES, Arcade
Release Year: 1990
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 2 Alternating/Simultaneous


This story comes from the SMB3 instruction booklet. The Mushroom Kingdom has been a peaceful place thanks to the brave deeds of Mario and Luigi. The Mushroom Kingdom forms an entrance to the Mushroom World where all is not well. Bowser has sent his 7 children to make mischief as they please in the normally peaceful Mushroom World. They stile the royal magic wands from each country in the Mushroom World and used them to turn their kings into animals. Mario and Luigi must recover the royal magic wands from Bowser's 7 kids and return the kings to their true forms. "Goodbye and good luck!," said the Princess and Toad as Mario and Luigi set off on their journey deep into the Mushroom World. "We took 7 wands from the 7 kings. Each of us has one. Our father has instructed us to protect the wands."

The year - 1990. Millions of NES fans across the globe are pummeling Nintendo for one reason - Mario. It has been over two years since a Mario platformer has shown up in the U.S., and even longer in Japan. The boatload of cameos is not enough to tide fans over, so Nintendo at long last releases what the fans have been waiting for. Little did even Nintendo know what was about to happen next. In a span of around a year and a half years, SMB3 becomes the greatest selling game of all time! Not even Zelda, Pokemon, or Final Fantasy have been able to approach Mario 3's record.


This is by far the largest and most powerful NES game. Without a chip to expand the NES memory, this game would not have been possible. The graphics are superb. Most aspects of the Mushroom world look very nice. The characters also look good, being more defined than in most of the previous NES games. Music-wise, this game stands out pretty well. The tunes are catchy and often used down to this day. The sound effects were mostly revised from SMB. The goombas still make the same sound when smashed. Bricks still crackle when you smash them. And the cannons still blast out when Bullet Bill flies out. But of course, there are a lot of new sounds as well. The power meter, the raccoon tail, the hammers, and several other improvements. This game also introduced many new ideas to the Mario universe. Flight, introduced with the raccoon leaf, has become a main power in all of the major Mario games. The Koopa Kids were also introduced in this game, as well as the map screen and the versus games. There is a surprising amount of mini-battles to play against your friends in SMB3. It is also noteable that the battle arena is actually like the original Mario Bros. game.

This game is still the highest selling game in history, and for a good reason. It is by far one of the best if not the best NES game out there. I highly recommend picking it up.