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Super Metroid
System: Super NES
Release Year: 1993
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1


Prepare for the Adventure of a lifetime!

It's been years since the first encounter. Long enough to calculate every move. Long enough to rethink every scenario. Long enough to figure out what went wrong.

They're back. Now they've returned to planet Zebes, and Ridly has a score to settle. Not to mention his boss.

Samus Aran must defeat the Space Pirates once again. This time, however, she has an even more important mission. She must find a stolen Metroid larva and return it to the Galactic Feds in a furious race against the clock.


Sure, it's not War and Peace. However, nobody ever said that War and Peace would make a good video game. When you write a video game story, it has to work for the gameplay. That is the most important point, and that is where Super Metroid excels. The 2D graphics are very well crafted, especially for their time. The sound and music build tension and immerse you in atmosphere exactly where they need you.

But the story, the way it develops, and the way YOU finish it, is what makes Super Metroid the jewel that stands out among Nintendo's finest works, even today. Nintendo has been promising a sequel, and hopefully, they'll give us one.

In the end, I highly recommend it. I keep playing it over and over again myself. In fact, it could be the greatest platformer of all time.