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Super Mario Kart

System: SNES
Release Year: 1992
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 2 Alternating


Mario and the crew are taking the competitive spirit to a new hight - the race track. Join Mario, Luigi, Princess, Yoshi, Bowser, DK jr., Koopa Troopa, and Toad, in this original and unusual racing game to prove who the best racer of the Mario Universe is.

This game introduced racing as another skill of Nintendo's mascot, and became an instant hit. The game was new, original, and featured the great stars of Mario's universe in playable appearances, including, for the first time ever, Bowser. This game still ranks among the greats that brought the Super NES to ultimate popularity.


This game is considerably complicated and lots of fun. It used a third person view, similar to F-Zero's, but the graphics are greatly improved. The track obstacles are a force to be reckoned with. Another new idea was the introduction of items. Whether you need to speed ahead of the competition or just knock that character out of first place, your arsenal of weapons will serve your needs. The sound effects were well done. From the mood-setting track music to the impact of a turtle shell, this game really fills the ears. The control is well balanced and fine-tuned, although it is not uncommon to get stuck against a wall. The computer AI is not bad at all, but your opponents will tend to target only you, and they only affect eachother if you cause them to do so (try shrinking Toad or Princess with their own mushrooms). The battle mode is was an original feature to racing, so if you want to really take on your opponents, that's the place to do it.

All things considered, this game definetly ranks among the greatest hits of the SNES. I would highly recommend this game, for design, fun factor, and originality.