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Super Mario Kart

System: Super NES
Release Year: 1992
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 2 Simultaneous


Super Mario Kart is one of the best super Nintendo games EVER!!! It was one of Nintendo's first tries with 3D graphics and even though it didn't turn out wonderful, it was still a great mulitplayer game.


The one player mode I feel could have been worked on a little bit more, but it was still good. I liked all the characters and thought that they were all fun to play. My favorite character would have to be KoopaTroopa because he was one of the fastest and still had good control. I like the levels for the most part. Once you have played the N64 version, playing the original one again could take some time to get used to. The steering isn't as but for that time, it was a great game. The replay value on this game is very high since it is a multi-player game. The music was ok and the setup of the game itself was good. Because of all these factors, I would have to give this game a 9.7