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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

System: Super NES
Release Year: 1996
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Square
Players: 1


One day, while visiting Mario, Princess Toadstool was picking flowers in the garden... Suddenly, out of nowhere, Bowser appeared and grabbed the Princess again! (Like you'd expect anyone else to?) Mario, hearing Toadstool's scream for help, sped off alone toward Bowser's Keep. After Mario trounced Bowser for the millionth time (this time they fought on one of Bowser's chandeliers), everyone felt Bowser's Keep beginning to shake! A HUGE sword crashed into Bowser's Keep! What's gonna happen now?

A three-dimensional RPG for the Super NES? An all new platform for the world famous plumber? A new title with Spuare behind the wheel? Is this too good to be true? No, my friends, this is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Mario's first RPG. Square's last Nintendo project before defecting to Sony's Playstation, Mario RPG added a whole new genre to the plumber's library. This also marked the first playable appearance of Bowser, a huge hit with the fans. The programmers also treated Nintendo fans with a playable Princess Toadstool, two new playable characters (Mallow and Geno), and even cameo appearances by Link and Samus!


The games graphis outshined everything the Super NES had ever offered. Never before had a completely free-roaming world ever been produced with such vibrant graphics, outshined only by the smoother (but sidescrolling) Donkey Kong Country series. The game pushed the limits of the Super NES as far as they would go. The music was a mix of familiar Mario fare and brand new songs, which enhanced the general mood of each level. The sound effects were well done, and similarly combined old with new for a good effect. The gameplay was far from the typical RPG style, combining role playing with the Mario platform style that fans were so familiar with. Overall, this game became the pinnicle of Super NES achievement.

I highly suggest that any gamer play this game. It is argueably the greatest Super NES game of all time.