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Super Smash Bros. Melee

System: Gamecube
Release Year: 2001
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Hal
Players: 1-4 Simultaneous


Again, there’s really no plot, but I’ll improvise. *clears throat* The famous Nintendo characters are but action figures on a boy’s table, and he pins them against each other in imaginary battles.


I’d just like to start out by saying I was the one that said that SSB was “arguably the best video game of all time.” Well, after playing SSB:M, I’d have to say the original is a piece of slime compared to this. You start with a whopping 14 characters, Mario, Pikachu, Bowser, Peach, Yoshi, DK, C. Falcon, Fox, Ness, The ice climbers, Kirby, Samus, Zelda/Shiek, and Link. But wait, that’s not all! In addition to this all-star lineup, *SPOILER, click here to read*

Well, as if that wasn’t enough, you get 29 stages, 29 items, and 29 pokemon.(Is Nintendo lazy or what?) The graphics are buffed up a great deal, and actually doesn’t even look like Nintendo made it. The backgrounds behind the stages are fully animated instead of a textured cardboard thing, and they each have a different feel to them. At the great bay you can watch the moon crash and the giants catch it, in the kongo jungle there is literally a jungle in front of you, and in the depths of Brinstar, you see one of the creepiest things ever, a gigantic, fully articulated Kraid.

 If you are by yourself, there is almost an endless possibility of things to do. You can go into classic mode, which is much like the original 1P mode of SSB except much more random, Adventure mode where you traverse through the worlds of different Nintendo characters, event mode where you complete a series of 51 tasks, or the coliseum, which is really three things, Homerun Derby, Multi-man Melee, and target test. In homerun derby, you use a character’s most efficient attacks to send a sandbag flying. In Multi-man Melee, you fight nameless wireframe people with either a limit on the time or opponents. In target test, each character gets his or her own challenge to break 10 targets.

 If you don’t like that stuff, you can also choose many things if you’re with your friends. There are two new main modes added in multiplayer, coin, in which you collect coins from beating up your opponents, and bonus, where you go for impressive combos performing tasks in battle. The ability to customize your battles makes this game shine. You can make all characters huge, tiny, invisible, fast, or slow. There’s a camera mode where you can make humorous pictures. You can even organize a tournament for you and 63 of your closest friends.

 You think that’d be enough, right? Wrong. While battling, you earn special coins that you can use in a machine to get trophies of Nintendo characters, old and new. It’s much like a library of Nintendo history.  Some trophies are rare, and you have to complete a certain task to get them. All playable characters are guaranteed three trophies, one of their game history, and two of their fighting style in SSBM.

And there’s more. A sound test that lets you listen to all the great and unique songs and voices. A name entry for multiplayer mode to help you find yourself in a battle. A special option that allows you to turn certain stages off if you choose random. The ability to have more than one opponent in training mode. The list of improvements goes on.

To sum it up, get this game. Now. If you don’t have a gamecube, get one. There is no reason a person wouldn’t like this. This is the greatest thing to come out of Nintendo since Link to the Past.







you also get Dr. Mario, Falco, Pichu, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Mewtwo, Ganondorf, Young Link, Marth and Roy from the Japan-only fire emblem games, and last but not least odd, Mr. Game and Watch. Back to the review.