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Super Smash Bros.

System: Nintendo 64
Release Year: 1999
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1-4 Simultaneous


Well, fighting games are not usually outfitted with plots, and if they are, you aren't that varied. The plot here, basically, is all the Nintendo characters you've grown to know and love duke it out against each other in hopes to reach the final obstacle, the Master Hand...



To be honest, Super Smash Bros. graphics are quite poor. Most of the arenas, such as Zebes and Congo Jungle, are only half-built, the rest being cardboard-like 2D, or just not being there at all. Most of the items and obstacles were 2D as well, Which is disapointing doesn't look to flash. The character models, though, are nice looking, at least for the most part, and the moves the exploit are fluent and colorful.


SSB uses much of it's music from the Star's games, such as Donkey Kong's being direct from Donkey Kong Country and Mario's being a rendition of the classic Mario theme. The sound effects of a competitor being smashed were replaced from punching/smacking-esque noises in the Japanese version to the "bowling sounds" used in the Western release. The character's voices consist mainly of samplings, such as Ness's "OK" taunt, to the Master Hand's maniacal laugh.

Game Play:

Ah, this is where Super Smash Bros. shines. The game is equipped with a one-player mode, where the character of choice battles through the legions of others and eventually reaches the end. This mode is great for unlocking the hidden characters and training, but the greatest experience in SSB is by far it's multiplayer, or Versus mode. In this mode, one to four players can go head-to-head with the character of choice, in the stage of their choice in either a timed match in which the players duel to knock each other out the most before the timer runs out, or the stock match, where each combatant is outfitted with a certain number of lives. the winner is the last one standing.

To conclude, Super Smash Brothers, despite it's graphical errors, remains one of the egreatest video games of all time. A sequel is on the way, but can it match up to the greatness of this classic? Who knows. All I can is, if you don't find SOMETHING in this game that interests you, whether it be one-player, Versus, or even the extensive character information, you just don't like games.

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