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Super Smash Bros.

System: Nintendo 64
Release Year: 1999
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1-4 Simultaneous


Not much plot here. Nintendo's famous characters clash as you go level by level to ultimately face the mysterious Master Hand. Or, go head to head in multiplayer with your favorite character.



 This is one of the only things on this game I don’t like. Most of the scenery and effects is flat and drab. The characters are 3-D, but in the same style as Zelda 64. Flat textured pieces that form an object. Bleck. Even with those limitations, however, it manages to make the characters and arenas somewhat realistic, and at some points make you feel like you’re in one of your favorite games.

 Sound and Music:

 The sound is above average. Many of the character’s trademark sounds are in this game, from DK’s series of grunts, to the Mario bros. Italian stereotype voices, to Pikachu’s famous but annoying "pika pika!!!"  The main themes from many games are also in this game, and remind you to play them later.


 This is the part that brings you back for more every time. The controls are easy to figure out, but unruly to master when you count in that you have to learn it 12 different ways. At the start of the game, you can play as Mario, Fox, DK, Yoshi, Kirby, Pikachu, Samus, or Link. Eventually, you will unlock Jigglypuff, Luigi, Captain Falcon, and Ness. In addition to a simple 1P mode that resembles a Mortal Kombat style of progressing, you can also choose to go against three other people in a free for all. Every character has it’s own strengths and quirks, and it can be hard for a younger person to memorize all the moves, but they’ll have fun doing it. 


 Although many fighting games have been done in the past, this one has more of a child friendly touch. Instead of health meters, characters have a number under their name that increases with damage. The higher the number, the easier it would be for your opponent to knock you out of the ring. But there is no limit. Also, there has been no other fighting game that carried the giant stars of the system. All other fighting games featured people that were only in that game, but SSB has characters people can relate to, and have known for a long time. This has given an opportunity to give some characters some new moves, since they were never featured in a game that involved hand-to-hand combat.


  Even when you're by yourself, this game will keep you busy, challenging you time after time. The character profiles can remind you of old games you used to play and long since beat, or turn you on to a knew series of games if you’re a first-timer. This and more makes it one of the best N64 games ever made.