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Stunt Race FX

System: Super NES
Release Year: 1994
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 (simultaneous)


An interesting racer. Don't have the official story, so I'll improvise. Once upon a time, in a land where cars have eyes and minds of their own, four very different cars decided to race eachother to see who was the best. They performed stunts, ran laps, and went head to head to find out who was the best.


As Super NES games go, this game's 3D was good. The textures are smooth and not pixelated. The look is simple, without too much to distract the eyes. The music is pretty good, and the sound effects are clear (though limited to the roaring of engines and a handfull of other sounds). The game plays similarly to Super Mario Kart, and is no revolution, but it does have it's own perks. The cars are much larger and more animated. For instance, if you over-crash, your racer will fall to peices, then reassemble, while you drive it.

Overall, this is a simple racer worth trying if you like the genre.

Things to look for:
Kirby and Luigi billboards in the stunt and GP races.
Large Kirby, Mario, and Fox billboards throughout the various courses.