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Systems: NES, Gameboy
Release Year: 1989
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1 (NES), 2 Simultaneous (Game Boy)


Ahh, Tetris. The classic of all classic puzzle games. Even today, tetris continues to be popular. Tetris Plus, Tetris DX, Tetris Attack, Tetrisphere, the list continues on and on. But none of them quite capture the feeling of the great-grandfather of them all. Originally designed in Russia (the Russian palace is a dead giveaway), Nintendo managed to liscense the game on the NES and it's fledgeling system, the Game Boy. In fact, two other, unliscensed companies also managed to release Tetris games. But due to law suites over the liscensing issue, the two games were pulled from the shelves and are now extremely rare.


A better puzzle game rarely if ever hits the shelves. The graphics are considerably good on both versions, especially on the Game Boy, as it was a launch title. Unlike other games that often caused gamers to squint over their Game Boy screens over the tiny characters (SML and Qix come to mind), Tetris had sizeable graphics and as a result, produced an ease of game play. The music is fun and light, and provides that great, Russian feel that many of today's incarnations lack. The only personal complaint I have is that the panic music can be irritating and hindering in a way, but then again I suppose it's helpful to know if you're tower is getting that much higher. The gameplay on this is nothing short of classic splender. I don't think I've ever played any new incarnation of Tetris that captures the gameplay of the originals (except perhaps Tetris and Dr. Mario). Ahh, the immortal feeling of getting those blocks in exactly the right position and lowering your tower from the top of the screen to the bottom. Or Tetrising your friend and forcing him to your will, as Mario or Luigi dances up and down in joy. It just doesn't get any better.

All said, Tetris is no doubt one of the best puzzlers out there. I cannot express it's greatness in a one-page review. I suggest that you go out and grab it immediately, or at least give it a play.