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Tetris and Dr. Mario

System: Super NES
Release Year: 1993
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 2 Simultaneous


Err..., "Ladies, gentlemen, and gamers of all ages. Zany Toadmon coming to you from your nearest NASHW Super NES dealership. And what a deal I have for you. Do you remember the hours of gameplay you spent on the great-grandaddy of brick-dropping platforms, the classic of classic puzzles, Tetris? What about the one and only, often replicated but never duplicated Dr. Mario? Well folks, what if I told you that you could now get both those classics on a single cartridge? But wait, there's more! What if I told you that there was a head-to-head mode on this cart in which you and a partner can play the two games simultaneously? Well ladies, gentlemen, and gamers of all ages, today is your lucky day. For the low low price of only five NASHW bucks*, you can get both these classics on a single cartridge for your Super Nintendo Entertainment System. No pushing in line, there's enough for everybody.

*Note: NASHW is unaffected by inflation.

What more can I say. It's argueably the two greatest puzzle games ever to hit the U.S. console market. The game that started it all, tetris, and the game that introduced Mario to the puzzle world, Dr. Mario.


You can see full reviews of Tetris and Dr. Mario seperately on this page. This review will mostly cover the improvements and new features. The two games now shown more vibrantly. Tetris was brightly colored with subtle backgrounds that don't distract players from the game, but make additions where additions are needed. Dr. Mario got similar enhancements, but not on as large a scale. The sound effects and music are clearer and more varied, another needed upgrade. The gameplay of the two games individually is unchanged, but there are some new features. The head-to-head mode, for instance, allowed two players to play both games simultaneously. First Tetris, then Dr. Mario, then back to Tetris, and so on, until a victor would be determined. There are also a number of smaller features added to the game.

This game is a faithful adaptation of two classics. If you have a Super NES, but one of these games aren't in your library, then pick up a copy of this game. It's well worth it.