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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

System: Super NES
Release Year: 1991
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1


Wow. Definitely one of the more thought out, developed plot lines of the series, but after a game like Zelda 2 anything was better. As always in the center stage is the Triforce, the mystical item left behind from the goddesses of Hyrule. It beaconed people with physic powers, hopefully calling out to good hearted ones, ones who could use the power of the Triforce for good. Unfortunately a group of thieves trained in the black arts found their way to it. A battle broke out between members of the group. After the leader had killed all of them he held the Triforce, and Ganondorf gained power of the Triforce. The evil began flowing into Hyrule. The people, suspecting Ganondorf’s power was from the Triforce wielded a magical sword powerful enough to conquer the power. It was so powerful only a person pure of heart and body could use it. Ganondorf and his armies began to attack. The knights fought valiantly, but were losing. This, however, bought time for the wise men, who until now had been looking for someone pure of heart to wield the Master Sword, to magically seal Ganondorf in the Golden Land. The Imprisoning War was over. Many years had passed with no disturbances. Generations later however, droughts and other terrible things began to befall Hyrule. It seemed to come from the Imprisoned Dark World, however the seal from the wise men was intact. A wizard named Agahnim came forward, offering to help the king. Agahnim quelled the evil with a mysterious magic. After this the king placed him in high favor and office. However, despite the appearance of “peace” there are rumors that Agahnim is controlling everything. This is where Link awakes and your mission begins. A physic message from Zelda calls Link’s uncle to the castle. After his uncle hasn’t returned for quite some time, Link ventures out on his own, soon to find him in a quest to rescue Zelda, defeat Agahnim and rescue the descendants of the wise men.


Awesome. This is the best super nintendo game out there. Literally. A huge map, multiple characters, large amount of dungeons, and great game play. This tied in with a well developed plot and catchy music make Zelda 3 a definite winner. The graphics are put together masterfully. A distinct difference between the light and dark world makes the game play more compelling. The graphics are good looking for Super Nintendo. One thing that is noticeable is how many different kinds there are. This is a superbly well done eye candy. The music is a great part of this game. Many of the great tunes we recognized from Ocarina came from this game. A new version of the Overworld Theme is quite literally music to your ears. This game has a great musical score. The sound is okay in this game, except for the annoying rain that patters against the roof when you first start. The game play is awesome with constant changing story line and new items add to the game. This is game will definitely keep you busy for a while and is one, if not the best game for the SNES.