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Wario Blast

System: Game Boy
Release Year: 1994
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Hudson Soft.
Players: 1


This is a confusing one. It's definetly Bomberman. But through some inexplicable means, Wario has invaded the Bomberman universe, loaded with bombs. Now he and Bomberman have are trying to outbomb eachother, even cloning themselves to double their chances of winning. This is not the official story.

This has Bomberman written all over it, but somehow Wario made it into the game. He even got his name in the title. This game is noteworthy as the first and only direct Nintendo/Hudson crossover. Mysterious, but cool. Basically, you choose to play either Wario or Bomberman. Then you go through the levels in Bomberman fashion, trying to hit your opponent with the explosion from your bomb. There were also cheat codes you could enter to give you powerups. I don't know how the cheat codes were originally released (instruction booklet?). But they can now be found in Wario Blast game guides on the net (namely at


Okay graphics. Standard Bomberman fare. In other words, the scenery and sprites consist of Bomberman, Wario, bombs, and rocks which, when destroyed, may reveal powerups. The only screens other than the gameplay screen are the between-level scenes, and the win/lose screen, the select-character screen, and the score tally. The music is fast-paced and somewhat hectic, and fits with the game. There is basically one sound effect, which results when a bomb blows up (or hits a character). As far as gameplay is concerned, this is Bomberman. You walk around, placing bombs, and blowing up obstacles and enemies. However, this game lacks the more complex puzzle elements of Bomberman (at least the newer games). Basically the only challenge is to clear a path to your opponent, and avoid getting blown up in the process. A new challenge presents itself in each level. For instance, in level two, you must defeat two enemy characters, a dark and light version. Win best out of three games, and you'll advance to the next level.