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Wario's Woods
Systems: NES, Super NES
Release Year: 1994
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 2 Alternating


One day Toad was walking along when he came to a fork in the road. One path led around a huge forest that would take days to traverse. The other path led through the forest. Toad chose to go through the forest because he needed to arrive in Sarasaland quickly to save Daisy from Tatanga. Daisy had asked Mario, but he was too lazy. She asked Luigi, but he was to cowardly. She asked Link, but he complained about her calling him long distance. She asked Peach, but she told Daisy to take care of her own problems, because the Mushroom Kingdom was at war with DK Land because Peach accused DK of eating the royal porridge and sitting in the royal chair and throwing banana peels on the royal floor. But it was Kirby who ate the porridge and DK felt insulted. So Toad, being a mighty warrior of high caliber, volunteered to save Sarasaland. So he was about to go through the forest when Wario flew down in his bi-plane and told Toad to go away because these were Wario's Woods. But Toad didn't take Wario very seriously, so he swung through the trees and away from Wario. Wario tried to chase Toad, but he was too large and was stuck in his bi-plane, so he told his evil band of flammable forest minions to get Toad. So Toad continued down the path, bravely fighting the forest minions of Wario's Woods. And no this is not the official story. It is a better one. If you don't like it, write your own!


Another in a long line of wierd Mario puzzle games. The graphics on the NES version were significantly poorer than those of SNES version, even ignoring the difference in power of the two systems. The colors are bland and hurt the eyes after prolonged exposure. The music is a bit better, with light tunes in the background and panic music to add to tense situations. The sound effects are limited to coin collecting dings and the explosions of bombs and forest minions. The gameplay is similar to that of Dr. Mario, in that it's a match-the-color-of-the-bomb-to-two-or-more-enemies-and-make-them-dissapear game. Except in this game you can destroy things diagonally and you're playing third-person instead of first. You move bombs and forest minions after they've landed, instead of in mid-air, so you don't have to live with any placement mistakes.\par \par This is my personal favorite Mario puzzle game. You'd think by now they'd have released some sort of Mario puzzle collection. Wario's Woods, Yoshi's Cookie, Yoshi, Dr. Mario, Mario's Picross, there are certainly enough of them. If your a puzzle or Toad enthusiaste, I highly recommend this game. And by the way, Toad arrived in Sarasaland after blowing up the forest minions and claiming the forest Toad's Woods. When Tatanga learned that the mighty Toad was coming, he became so afraid that he ran away and that's why Toad's adventure was never made into a game.