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Wrecking Crew

System: NES, Vs. Arcade
Release Year: 1985
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Simultaneous


An original and unusual title released early in the NES career. This put Mario and Luigi in a different scenario with a new job: demolishonist, to add to the countless number of skills they now posses. Their task was to demolish everything in site while avoiding enemies. Making an incorrectible mistake ment starting the level over. A sequel to this game was released in Japan for the Bandai Satelleview
X titled Wrecking Crew '98, but was never released in America.

Graphics in this game were pretty basic. Not much is really needed to be said. The characters look similar to those in Pinball and Mario Bros., the background is entirely black, and the brick walls look like basic Mario brick walls.
Sound effects are no more elaborate than neccesary. The walls brake apart, Mario makes a sound when hit by enemies or fireballs, and a sound when he falls. Not much beyond that. Music during levels is light and generally fades into the background of the game.
Gameplay is original, to put it best. Mario runs around with a sledge hammer, smashing walls and getting points. However, most walls have to be destroyed in a certain order. For example, say a white ladder leads to a ledge with brick walls at the top of the screen. If you destroy the white ladder, you have no way of getting to those brick walls and must restart the level to win. There are also enemies that will defeat you if you touch them. And Foreman Spike will appears every few levels to annoy you and make things difficult, and as your opponent in the bonus rounds. One nice feature was the ability to go to any level at the start of the game. You can keep track of where you stopped a game and just come back, select the level you want, and start again.

This is a fun game with 99 levels of challenge, and remains one of Marios most unusual games.